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Prosecutor’s office will look into devastation of building by Robert Bąkiewicz

The State Forestry Headquarters building at 52/54 Wawelska Street is the headquarters of the Ministry of Climate and Environment. On Friday 25 January, on the X platform, Robert Bąkiewicz published a video showing him painting two signs purporting to represent the Fighting Poland symbol. The building is listed in the register of historical monuments, which is why the conservator became interested in the case and notified the public prosecutor’s office.

The building of the State Forests Head Office was constructed in 1936. Its design in the style of Neoclassicism and Modernism was prepared by architects Stefan Tomorowicz and Jan Ludwik Zabłocki. The building has been entered in the municipal register of historical monuments since 2012 and is part of the historical layout of Kolonia Lubeckiego.

On the night of 25 January, Robert Bąkiewicz used a spray can to paint signs in two places intended to represent the Fighting Poland symbol. He immortalised this act on video, which he then posted on his profile on the X website. This is intended as a response to the removal of the Fighting Poland symbol from the walls inside the Ministry.

It is sad that the symbol of the Fighting Poland is being used today as a tool in the political struggle, especially considering what emotional charge and values are behind this symbol. It is sad both because of the memory of the insurgents and the fact that the veterans living among us have to watch their heritage being tarnished,” said Hubert Różyk, spokesman for the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, during a press conference on 26 January 2024.

In a statement sent to us, Michał Krasucki, Capital Conservator of Monuments, indicates that the act of vandalism carried out will most likely permanently damage the façade, which is made of sandstone.


Whatever Bąkiewicz’s ideas, there is no excuse for smearing on historic walls. Regardless of whether the ‘smears’ are abusive slogans on churches or symbolic signs related to Polish history. We simply do not smear on monuments! – reads the statement of the monuments’ restorer.

It adds:

That is why we have today filed a criminal notice. I hope that this qualification, and not a simple misdemeanour, will be given to this act of vandalism. And I also feel sorry for the Fighting Poland sign, because it is simply being used cynically in the current political war. And besides, he even painted it wrong,” we read.

The Ministry of Climate and Environment will consult with insurgent circles in order to properly commemorate the Warsaw Uprising and the Underground State. A spokesperson for the Ministry of the Environment also recalled that there are three commemorative plaques in the main hall of the Ministry. The central one is a pre-war plaque concerning the construction of the building. One of the side plaques commemorates the foresters who were murdered in Katyn, Kharkov and Miednoye, and the other commemorates the Soldiers and Soldiers of, among others, the Home Army and the Outlawed Soldiers.

source: Office of the Capital Conservator of Monuments, Ministry of Climate and Environment,

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