Poznań, fot. Stanisław Szewczyk, wikimedia.org, licencja: CC BY 3.0

Ranking of the best cities to live in Poland. Poznań wins

A ranking of the best cities to live in Poland was prepared by the Business Insider Polska website. The journalists took into account factors such as salary, access to a doctor at the National Health Fund or air quality. All provincial cities were included in the study

If anyone thought that the capital was the best place to live, they were wrong. Poznań turned out to be the best city in which to live. Just behind it on the podium was Katowice, followed by Opole. The winners were therefore medium-sized urban centres. Indeed, Poznań has a population of around 550 000

The research was conducted by analysing several factors. Journalists prepared smaller rankings devoted to selected categories, and then added up the results. The following factors were taken into account to prepare the ranking: unemployment, average salary, availability of housing, access to NFZ doctors, crime and air quality

In the case of unemployment, Poznań came in first place. Only 1 per cent of the city’s population is unemployed, followed by Katowice in second place and then Warsaw. On the other hand, in the category ‘average salary’, Kraków won (followed by Gdańsk and Warsaw). For ‘availability of housing’, Katowice was the winner, followed by Gorzów Wielkopolski and Bydgoszcz. In the category of ‘access to a doctor at the National Health Fund’, Łódź took first place, followed by Lublin and Kielce. The safest cities turned out to be, in turn: Rzeszów, Olsztyn and Lublin. On the other hand, the inhabitants can speak of good air quality: Opole, Gorzów Wielkopolski and Poznań

Raczyński Library in Poznań

Poznań is definitely number one in our list. It is the only city that can boast a presence in the TOP10 in all six categories. It has the lowest unemployment, its inhabitants earn a lot for the price of their flats, and at the same time its air quality is second only to cities such as Opole and Gorzów Wielkopolski,” writes Damian Słomski, a journalist with Business Insider Polska

A discussion of the report can be found on Onet.pl’s website HERE. In turn, you can read about the architecture of Poznań in our articles HERE

source: Business Insider Polska

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Poznań, photo by Stanislaw Szewczyk, wikimedia.org, licence: CC BY 3.0
ICHOT in Poznań
Anders Square in Poznań

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