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Revitalisation of Biskupia Górka in Gdańsk – the tenement house from Na Stoku Street is dazzling again

The great revitalisation of Biskupia Górka in Gdańsk is underway. Renovations include streets with pavements, and several tenement houses there are undergoing major redevelopment. The aim is to provide residents with modern living conditions while respecting the historical fabric. Na Stoku Street is one such place

Recently, an eclectic tenement house from 1900, located on the western frontage of the street, has been renovated. It is now free-standing, but formerly formed a string of buildings with other structures, most of which were demolished. In the interwar period the building housed a bakery and confectionery. The building was not damaged during the war effort

Na Stoku Street. Source: Gdańskie Nieruchomości

Work began on the tenement in October 2022. First, the partition walls were demolished, then, the ceilings were replaced with reinforced concrete. The cellars were also dredged, the foundations were shored up and a new foundation slab was made. As Biskupia Górka is located in a landslide area, the external walls of the building were additionally reinforced. A new heating system from the district heating network was also designed. The installations inside the building were also replaced: water and sewage, electrical, telecommunications and ventilation. Thermo-modernisation work was also carried out – due to conservation considerations, the building was insulated from the inside. The window and door frames were replaced with new ones, taking inspiration from the historic ones, some of which were successfully preserved and restored. There is a painted sign on the front façade in the ground floor area, which was restored and exposed when the building was renovated. There are at least four versions of the inscription on it in German, two of which are legible: / Bäckerei….Conditorei/ “Bakery….Cukiernia”, on it /Brot und Kuchenbäckerei/ Wilhelm Grenseck/ “Bakery and Cake Shop Wilhelm Grenseck” and two versions of the Polish inscription: /Piekarnia/

Biskupia Górka is an area entered in the register of monuments as the urban layout of the city of Gdańsk within the modern fortifications, and within the boundaries recognised as a Monument of History by the President of the Republic of Poland. The project is co-financed by funds from Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and the European Union

Source: Gdańsk Properties

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