Schiller Passage in Łódź ready! Less concrete, more greenery. We are waiting for the biggest attraction!

The Schiller Passage in Łódź has been a huge construction site for the last few months. The metamorphosis of one of the most important streets in Łódź has just come to an end, and the passage has been opened to residents. However, this is not the end of the work. The most important attraction of the Schiller Passage in Łódź will soon be a giant table with… a flowing river! a flowing river!

One of the longer-awaited and interesting investments in the city centre has been completed. The passageway connecting Piotrkowska and Sienkiewicza Streets has been put into use and everyone can see how they like this metamorphosis

The revitalisation programme includes not only thorough renovations of tenement houses and streets, but also reconstruction of important public spaces, such as Wolności Square, the Old Market Square or Schiller Passage. Fences have just disappeared from the latter and it has been put into use

One of the most visible changes is the greenery, much of which has arrived. A total of 57 new trees have been planted in the walkway. They are complemented by shrubs, plants and ornamental grasses in flowerbeds, as well as pots with low pines and yews

Schiller Passage in Łódź – less concrete, more greenery!

The main axis of the passage, leading through an avenue of trees from Piotrkowska Street to Sienkiewicza Street, has been emphasised with white flowering plants. The leaves of some of them, mainly evergreens, will be coloured brownish-red in autumn. The plant species have been chosen to withstand the harsh urban weather conditions well

Another major change is the pavement, which has been completely replaced and refers to Piotrkowska Street with its materials and colour. There are more benches, new lighting, and the fountain has also changed. The spherical one, which used to be by the Citizens’ Contact Centre, is no longer there. The water feature is now on the site of the former car park, deep in the walkway, opposite the Technician’s House. A new urban square has been created there, not large but ideal for outdoor events. A new playground has been installed in the walkway for the youngest visitors

A table with a flowing river

The arcade has already been put into use, but the renovation contractor has not yet finished his work here. Over the next week he will be correcting the faults, and he still has one major attraction left to install. Closer to Piotrkowska Street, a stone table will be erected. Six metres long, two metres wide and almost a metre high, it will have a slab of light-grey strzelinski granite with a map of old Łódź engraved on it. The image of the historic Łódka settlement will be enhanced by… a flowing river. In the footsteps of the River Jasień, real water will flow through the channel engraved on the slab. Special stainless steel pins will indicate the most important places of our city

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