Secret Fashion Night with Young Poland

Young Poland is an extraordinary platform whose main mission is to promote young and talented Polish designers.

The Młoda Polska shop is located on the 2nd floor of the Mysia 3 department stores’ in Warsaw. Its founders are Łukasz Zarzyczny and Monika Dobaczewska, who have been collaborating with the biggest companies and magazines from the world of fashion and design in Poland for several years now. They offer brands such as Jacob, Arkadius, Szpila, Pola Rudnicki and Mys.

However, Young Poland is more than just a shop. The creators periodically organise events, including meetings with designers, workshops and fashion shows. Such events provide customers with a unique opportunity to see new collections, have direct contact with their creators and exchange experiences and talk to people from the world of fashion. Thanks to an invitation from Young Poland, yesterday we too were able to participate in such an event. Secret Fashion Night was a show which took place on 6 July at the new DELI3 restaurant. During the show, Jacob Birge, Pradelle, NAH-NU, Maleme, ANH, Szpila and Mys presented their designs and styles. We recommend the place to everyone, and we will certainly be back.

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