She designed furniture for dancers. Design by Zofia Saługa

The furniture for dancers was created out of the need to support regeneration and their rest. Their author is Zofia Saługa, a student at the Faculty of Industrial Forms of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.

The furniture set was created with the help of Dr Grzegorz Matusik from the Product Design Studio. The designed furniture is a set of helpful objects that will be used by ballet dancers. They are intended to enable positions that are conducive to regeneration after intensive training and performances.

The young designer created the furniture with communal spaces such as dance schools, studios or theatres in mind. In total, the set consists of eight large modules made of PE foam. They allow them to be used independently or combined to form larger structures.

The arrangement used allows dancers to adopt relaxing positions, not only aiding relaxation, but also having a beneficial effect on posture, circulation and accelerating muscle regeneration, which effectively minimises the risk of overloading and injury, ‘ describes Zofia Saługa.

Three additional elements are made of memory foam to support the lumbar, cervical and foot sections. These body parts are the most stressed among dancers. The furniture allows multiple dancers to use the set at the same time and adapts to their individual needs.

The designer has also created a special cabinet to store the pieces. This is a practical solution for keeping things tidy. The entire structure is mounted on castors, which makes it easy to move around.

Thanks to this solution, rest becomes not only more effective, but also contributes to the dancers’ overall health and physical fitness,” adds the designer.

source: Zofia Saługa

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