Ulica skorupki w Łodzi - po przebudowie

Skorupki Street in Łódź will be renovated. The residents wanted it!

Skorupki Street in Łódź will soon be renovated and modernised. Not only will its functional layout change, but also its aesthetics and the amount of greenery. The street is to change from a somewhat neglected and busy road into a quiet street with more space for pedestrians and cyclists. The reconstruction will start as early as 21 August. The street modernisation project was selected by the citizens of Łódź as part of the Civic Budget

Skorupki Street in Łódź – reconstruction

The works will be carried out from Wólczańska Street to Stefanowskiego Street. During reconstruction, the street will be closed to traffic. Target entrances will be provided

The project envisages the replacement of pavements and small architecture and the introduction of greenery along the street. Thanks to the new arrangement, the city will gain a complete and coherent sequence of public space from the building of the Lodz Archcathedral to the Sports Hall on Stefanowskiego Street. The majority of the existing, parking spaces will be preserved, which will be preceded by prairie flowerbeds. The vegetation used will not require special care, but will effectively improve water retention and provide shelter for birds, insects and small animals

The concept also envisages, the introduction of a cycle contra-lane, new horizontal markings will improve traffic organisation and increase safety. The project also envisages exposing the historic Richter coach house building by means of a forecourt with greenery and benches. Provision is also made for a city bike station at the junction with Wólczańska Street

source: UM Łódź / lodz.pl

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