Tenement house in Bytom after renovation. Beautiful details have been renovated

The tenement house is located at 3 Jagiellońska Street in Bytom, formerly Hohenzollernstraße. It was built at the end of the 19th century. Thanks to works, the eclectic building is once again pleasing to the eye. The façade, balustrades and details have been renovated.

The renovation was carried out on behalf of the housing association. Every part of the building has been carefully renovated. The symmetrically located loggias with neo-Baroque decorations are impressive. Importantly, the cracked walls, which were in a terrible state, were also repaired. The gable wall above the roof of the neighbouring building was also insulated.

This was a difficult and advanced renovation. The tenement had not been repaired for years and had damage caused by mining damage and natural erosion processes,” says Artur Stasz, M.Sc., acting supervisor.

A big plus is the treatment of the details. These have been reconstructed on the basis of casts made from preserved elements and analysis of old photographs. These include steel balustrades with wrought-iron floral motifs. The Municipal Conservator of Monuments was involved in the work and gave his opinion on the solutions used. Why are the balustrades so important in this building? The construction of the building was commissioned by master locksmith Peter Macionga. The ornate, elegant balustrades were to be a testament to his craftsmanship.

The next owner of the building was the master painter and wallpaper dealer Johann Gowik, and later (from 1905) the tenement house belonged to the Gräflich Schaffgotsche Werke company. Interestingly, in its original design, the Bytom townhouse had four storeys with an unused attic. In later years, the attic was converted into flats.

photo: Hubert Klimek, archives of the Bytom City Hall

source: UM Bytom

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This is how the building looked BEFORE the renovation:

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And this is how the works were completed:

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