Terme di Chianciano. The biggest stars of Italian cinema spent summers there

The Terme di Chianciano are Italy’s legendary thermal baths. They are located near the Val d’Orcia, the most beautiful part of Tuscany. The seat of the famous pools is the small spa town of Chianciano Terme. People associated with Italian film, local celebrities, but also many ordinary Italians were happy to relax here. Among them even Federico Fellini himself, who was to get the idea for his Oscar-winning masterpiece, the film Eight and a Half, here

Terme di Chianciano. A place that inspires

– The famous Italian director supposedly loved to relax here. It was here that he got the idea for the film Eightand a Half, in which Marcello Mastroianni stars as the director’s alter ego. In many places in the resort hang pictures showing stills from the set and the film itself,” says Magda Ciach-Baklarz of the Italia Off the Track blog

The place so inspired Fellini that his film – which premiered 60 years ago – is today considered one of the best, most inspiring and influential films in the history of European and world cinema. The filmmaker also received two Oscars for it – for Best Foreign Language Film and Best Costume Design

Today, it is a more peaceful place

As Magda Ciach-Baklarz points out, today the town lives with a very quiet rhythm. – Crowds of tourists do not flock here, and many hotels have closed down. Those that have survived offer varied and competitively priced accommodation, although the once stately hotels now seem like from another era, says the blogger. According to her, however, they are also a great base for people who do not necessarily want to use the thermal baths, but prefer to explore the charming Italian region of Tuscany

Although the Terme di Chianciano is past its prime, it is still a mecca for many people. – Italians come here for thermal baths, massages, sensory showers, music therapy, aromatherapy, to use the dry and wet grottoes. Still an important therapeutic factor is drinking the mineral-rich water here, as well as walking in the magnificent park. Families, couples, singles, young and old visit this place,” says the creator of the Italia Off the Track blog

The Terme di Chiancianoto is not just about pools. Also the landscapes

As you can read on the resort’s website, there are more than 600m2 of indoor and outdoor pools. However, it is not only the waters that are praised, but also the beauty of the surrounding countryside. The place is described as follows

Val d’Orcia

“Surrounded by hills covered with oaks, beeches, sessile oaks and chestnut trees, Chianciano Terme is one of the most important spas in Europe, famous for its waters, extensive parks and modern hotels. Immerse yourself in a legendary history…”. And indeed, Val d’Orcia is one of Italy’s most beautiful valleys and a true showpiece of Tuscany. And it is located just half an hour’s drive from the resort

An inspiration not only for film people

“The Orcia Valley is characterised by gentle hills with roads and paths planted with slender cypress trees. These beautiful landscapes inspired painters of the Renaissance and later periods, and today also film directors. The Val d’Orcia is also home to many pretty towns that have retained their medieval character. There are also individual farms scattered over the hills, which are part of this unique landscape,” – anna Maria Goławska and Grzegorz Lindenberg describe on the Tuscany.org.co.uk website

However, the beauty of this place is worth seeing for yourself

Source: ©Italia off the beaten track

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