The Fair of Fine Things in Wrocław! As many as 300 exhibitors

Once again the Fair of Nice Things will take place in Wrocław. The third edition of TRŁ WROCŁAW! starts already on 30 September and will last until 1 October. This edition will be even bigger, even more interesting and even louder! The iconic Centennial Hall will be filled with more than 250 fantastic exhibitors and brands from all over Poland, plus over 40 stands in the Mamaville Fair zone – an excellent event for parents and children. This will be the prettiest and biggest fair weekend in Poland this year. The previous edition of TRŁ WROCŁAW! was visited by 13,000 visitors – how many will the best Polish design attract this weekend?

We love great Polish design and we love Wrocław! We are proud to be able to showcase Polish design right in the Centennial Hall for the 10th anniversary of TRŁ. Last year’s event surpassed all expectations – it was the biggest edition of the Fair of Nice Things ever! The publicity about the Wrocław phenomenon has attracted more top brands and names to TRŁ WROCŁAW! more top brands and names – there will be as many as 70 more than last year. It promises to be a weekend like the Centennial Hall has never seen before. And a real feast of nice things and inspiring people,” say Ajka Mroczkowska, Anna Pruszyńska and Paweł Stremski, organisers of the Pretty Things Fair

The Fair of Pretty Things is Poland’s largest fair of independent design, which for 10 years has been changing Poland for a little nicer and winning the hearts of fans of good design, design, illustration, interior design and all those who simply like pretty things. TRŁ is a careful selection of the most interesting brands – many of which win awards at Polish and international design festivals. But the Fair of Nice Things is not only about shopping and inspiration, but above all about the amazing atmosphere and energy for which TRŁ is visited by audiences from all over Poland and because of which the event has acquired cult status

PLACES – to the horizon! CERAMICS – only the best! FURNITURE – boutique brands!

The third edition of TRŁ WROCŁAW! will delight exhibitors from all over Poland, who often cannot be found at any other event. The zone with PLACES AND ILLUSTRATIONS promises to be impressive – it will be the largest exhibition of contemporary Polish posters. Among the exhibitors there will be such stars as BARTOSZ KOSOWSKI (yes, there will be the famous “Lolita”!), ADAM KOSIK, who has just created a special poster with the Centennial Hall at TRŁ and earlier immortalised the legendary SolPol, MARTA IGNERSKA, MACIEK POLAK, PAULA DUDEK, ADELA MADEJ and almost 60 other top names. The real top of Polish illustrators and illustrators and the only chance to meet them in such a line-up in one place. And on each stand original and signed works. In addition to posters, at TRŁ you will also find notebooks, planners and books – among others from the best Polish publishing house focused on design and architecture – KARAKTER

Adam Kosik – Solpol

The CERAMICS AND GLASS zone is the pride of TRŁ. As huge as it is diverse and full of the best artists and studios. It always dazzles and delights. In the Centennial Hall there will be a unique opportunity to see and buy the much sought-after decorative crockery from GABI STRAMA, delight in decorative plates from REVOLTE, or sublime utilitarian sculptures from KYUKA DESIGN. The ceramics alley stretching across the entire hall will satisfy fans of all styles – there will be minimalist and decorative, colourful and frugal, modern and classic. There will also be excellent glass – the Wrocław debut of the new NOT BAD STUDIO brand and its colourful glasses promises to be a success – we anticipate a quick “sell out”!

The Nice Things Fair will also feature FURNITURE AND LAMPS from boutique Polish brands. The stands of companies such as GÓRNA PÓŁKA or Poznań-based MIUFORM promise to be impressive. It will be worth seeing the stand of SZYSZKA DESIGN, which will look like… a miniature dome of the Centennial Hall! For the first time in Wrocław, TAR will also present the company of a cult Polish designer Tomasz A. Rudkiewicz, whose Scandinavian-style lamps are a classic of Polish design. A real “must see”!

Upper shelf

“THE BEST OF WROCŁAW!” – exceptional local artists on TR£!

TR£ at the Centennial Hall is a celebration not only of Polish, but also of Wrocław design. The fair will feature an excellent representation of Wrocław designers and creators whose products are known throughout the country. Among them, brands and names such as the famous ceramic studio ENDE CERAMICS and the increasingly popular ZAKWAS STUDIO will shine. The premiere of a designer collection of home accessories will be shown by young designers from COUCOU STUDIO, plants will delight local studios PROJEKT ROŚLINY and ZIELONA WRONA, and in the poster zone you will find the best illustrations by the excellent MALWINA HAJDUK. Another event of this edition will be the premiere of the latest collection of ornaments by the Wrocław duo UTUL STORE, who create their designs using the cutting-edge 3D printing technique

80 premieres and debuts – a sea of inspiration for every interior!

For many exhibitors, the Fair of Nice Things is the first opportunity to showcase their latest projects in Wrocław. A real ‘last minute’ debut is the RONDIN brand, which creates artistic lamps from recycled glass. They are amazing! The latest kilims will be presented at the weekend by the TARTARUGA studio from Łódź. Their contemporary kilims are one of the freshest and most interesting phenomena in Polish design in recent years. Warsaw-based ceramic studio PARIMĒ CERAMICS STUDIO will also show up in Wrocław for the first time – their minimalist designs will be one of the stars of this edition. Equally impressive will be the artistic contemporary decorative masks from MASKED, which will be a unique decoration for a flat or home. And among other premieres, you’ll also see the still-hot latest collection of blankets and rugs from SZMAT SKŁAD and plenty of other novelties in every zone – including in BEAUTY, WELNESS and TEXTILES


Mamaville at TRŁ WROCŁAW! – a paradise for children and parents!

During the fair weekend, the Fair of Nice Things will also be accompanied for the third time by the excellent Mamaville fair – Poland’s most popular fair for mums and babies. This is one of Poland’s best events for parents and children, which will present over 40 stands with products for the youngest and for the second time at TRŁ WROCŁAW! there will be a small momavillage, with blocks, inflatables and attractions, where children and parents will not be bored

All this on Saturday and Sunday, 30 September – 1 October – Poland’s biggest design fair will be back in the Centennial Hall. FURNITURE, CERAMICS, POSTERS, LAMPS, WELLNESS AND ECO, TEXTILES, JEWELLERY. A total of almost 300 exhibitors and 9 thematic zones where you will find brands and designers. The fair opens on Saturday punctually at 11.00 a.m. Tickets for the event can be purchased online at Ebilet.pl or at the box offices before the entrance. Celebrate Polish design with us! Let this be the prettiest weekend this autumn in Wrocław!

TRŁ WROCŁAW! – the biggest edition in Poland

30th september – 1st october

Centennial Hall, Wrocław

11 am – 7 pm

One-day ticket: 10 PLN (in pre-sale), 15 PLN (at the weekend)

Children under 12 years free of charge)

Online tickets: https://www.ebilet.pl/biznes/targi/trl

More information:




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