The Granary in Grudziadz is vibrant again! A Social Activation Centre has been created there

Originally, the granaries of Grudziadz had mainly defensive functions for the town, later they were periodically used as warehouses, churches and shops. The medieval Granary 57 had a residential function until recently, but later deteriorated as a vacant building. Now it is a modern Social Activation Centre – a place that aims to increase the social activity of the residents, integrate different social circles and directly involve the residents in the process of social change.The design for the new Granary in Grudziadz was developed by the DEMIURG office in Poznan

The project for the redevelopment of Granary 57 was conceived two years ago and completed this year. The main task, but also a challenge during the design of the new space in the historic granary, was to adapt the building to current regulations and standards, as well as to conservation requirements. The investor wanted to create a modern Social Activation Centre here, which would be a meeting place for local communities, NGOs and activists

Spichlerz w Grudziądzu

The building was to be designed in the spirit of accessible design, which is why, among other things, it has been adapted for people with disabilities. In addition, the designers at DEMIURGA were keen to retain as many historic elements as possible. The main challenge for the designers of the structure turned out to be the location of the building. Granary 57 is situated on a steep escarpment, inscribed between the existing buildings, located on the plan of an irregular quadrangle. In order to make the building suitable for all people, regardless of their level of ability, a glass lift was created on the outside of the building. A terrace has also been created, where a café will be created with a beautiful view of the Vistula and stairs ‘winding’ up the steep embankment

“Conversions of historic buildings give me much more satisfaction than with newly designed buildings. Although it is quite a challenge, the end result is more spectacular. I remember the state of the granary as we found it – a devastated, time-bitten building in a beautiful location. Now we can enjoy it with our eyes and admire it in a new, completely different version.” – Marta Jaracz-Plucińska, Constructor at DEMIURG

Name: Granary in Grudziadz
Investor: Grudziądz City Council
Full-service design: DEMIURG
General contractor: 3JM Michał Bryłka
Photographs: Maciej Lulko


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