The Market Hall in Gdańsk will undergo extensive renovation. A food hall will be built there

The Market Hall in Gdansk will undergo a major renovation. HAGAP, a company belonging to the Apsys Group, has applied for a building permit for the historic 19th century building. It will be renovated, the historical elements will be much better exposed, and the Green Market and fresh produce will continue to be available to residents. The total investment amounts to PLN 141 million.

Obtaining a building permit is one of the conditions for finalising the preliminary agreement between Apsys Polska and Kupcy Dominikańscy (a private company that has owned the property since 2000), concluded in March 2022. Until then, the hall remains the property of Kupcy Dominikańscy and will continue to function as before. The investor has obtained a permit for the renovation and modernisation of the building, issued by the Pomeranian Voivodeship Conservator of Monuments. Agreeing the details with the conservator took more than a year and a half.

Hala Targowa w Gdańsku

The Gdańsk Market Hall will become a meeting place with the culinary arts as its leitmotif. It is planned to include restaurants with waiter service, stands with a wide selection of international cuisine, designed in the form of a food hall. The sale of fresh produce from local suppliers will be maintained on level -1 and on the Green Market. The interior of the hall will undergo extensive renovation, which will include highlighting the building’s original construction and attractively displaying historical elements – especially the remains of a Romanesque church.

The museum section will be highlighted with light and unusual forms, and the historic kiosks inside the hall will also be restored. In addition, modern technological solutions will be introduced to bring the history of the site closer. The author of the interior design is Boris Kudlička, a well-known stage designer, architect and designer, for many years associated with the Grand Theatre – National Opera in Warsaw. In addition to shopping and culinary, the offer of the new hall will be enriched by activity programmes designed to meet diverse social needs. There will be space for exhibitions and performances, unique workshops and meetings with people of culture and art.

The renovation of the building will be carried out using green technologies, and the energy efficiency of the hall will also be improved. Innovative solutions will be used to increase the efficiency of the refrigeration cycle and allow the heat produced to be used for, among other things, heating water and warming the air inside the building. The hall will be equipped with solutions with low electricity consumption (e.g. lifts). There will be water-optimising devices in all toilets. There will be a BMS system managing ventilation and lighting control to improve visitor comfort and reduce the cost of energy savings.


Design: Boris Kudlička

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Subject: Market hall in Gdansk will turn into food hall

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