The most expensive locations in Krakow. Living here is a real luxury!

Property prices in Krakow are constantly rising and there are many indications that this situation will not change in the near future. Interestingly, it was in this city that one of the most expensive flats in the entire country was sold in 2023. Which locations in Kraków are the most expensive, and where can you count on more affordable prices? Check out which streets in Kraków are considered the most luxurious!

The most expensive districts of Kraków – top 3

The most exclusive and expensive districts in Kraków are definitely Stare Miasto, Grzegórzki and Zwierzyniec. How much does a m2 of real estate cost here? Analysis of advertisements of real-estate developer flats for sale in Kraków on Rynekpierowotny.plas well as database of secondary market flats for sale in Kraków at leave no illusions: it is expensive, and it is likely to get even more expensive!

Old Town

The Old Town, as the historical heart of Krakow, is considered the most prestigious location in the city. Historic townhouses, charming streets and proximity to major tourist attractions make this district extremely attractive. The average price of properties in this location oscillates at the level of 18,522 PLN/m² (, data as at January 2024).

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of new development projects in the Old Town. Particularly noticeable are the projects for luxury apartment buildings, which respond to the growing demand for exclusive places to live in the heart of Kraków. Developers are focusing on creating high-end, modern spaces, combining modernity with preserving the unique character of the historic surroundings.

Interestingly, it was in Krakow’s Old Town that one of the most expensive properties in the country was sold. We are talking about a flat worth 15 million, which is located in a 19th-century wing of historic, post-convent buildings dating back to the 16th century, located at the intersection of Kotelek and Sukiennicza streets.


Grzegórzki, ranked second in the ranking of the most prestigious districts, is at the same time the most expensive location in Kraków. The average price per square metre of a flat from the primary market here is 20,729 PLN/m² (, data as of January 2024), which attracts people looking for luxury space in a dynamically developing environment.

Floriańska Street in Kraków

Grzegórzki, thanks to its revitalisation, is becoming a place where modern investments harmonise with the historical character of the district. Developers focus on creating modern apartment buildings while preserving the authenticity of the surroundings. This makes Grzegórzki an ideal option for those wishing to combine luxury standards with the unique atmosphere of the historic part of Kraków.


Zwierzyniec, ranked third in terms of cost, is a neighbourhood surrounded by greenery, parks and recreational areas. It is characterised by a peaceful atmosphere and at the same time proximity to the city centre. The price per square metre of a flat here averages 17,507 PLN/m² (, data as at January 2024).

This relatively lower price compared to previous districts makes Zwierzyniec an attractive option for those who want to combine intimacy with access to a full range of urban amenities. With its peaceful atmosphere and strategic location, Zwierzyniec is the perfect place for those looking for a compromise between tranquillity and city life.

Prices of flats in Kraków are constantly rising

The prices of flats in Kraków are steadily rising, and what’s more, these changes are visible almost from month to month. How is this possible?

Compared to the previous month (December 2023), there has been an increase of just over 2% in the price of flats in Kraków. Currently, the average price per square metre of a flat here is approximately 15,543 PLN/m² (, data as of January 2024), although much depends on location.

The most affordable district in Kraków turns out to be District XVII Wzgórza Krzesławickie, where the average price per square metre of a flat is around 10,381 PLN/m² (, data as of January 2024). This is over PLN 5,000 less than the overall average price in the city. The next cheapest location is District XII Bieżanów-Prokocim. Flats can be bought here for just over PLN 12,000 per m2.

The leader of the highest prices on the real estate market is still Warsaw. Krakow, however, is not far behind and currently ranks third nationwide. Apart from the capital, it is overtaken by Gdynia. However, the difference between Kraków and Gdynia is not significant, so it is possible that after some time, Kraków will be the second most expensive city in Poland in terms of real estate prices.


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Panorama of Kraków

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