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The Światowit hotel in Łódź is disappearing. Demolition of the modernist edifice is underway

The Światowit Hotel in Łódź was built in 1974. It is a modernist building that is 46 metres high and 14 storeys high. After almost 50 years, the building is now history. Its demolition has begun

The years of its splendour are long gone. The Światowit Hotel in Łódź was designed by architects Zbigniew Rozner and Maciej Szawernowski, who designed the building in the then popular modernist style. The building is located at 68 Tadeusza Kościuszki Avenue. Tadeusza Kościuszki 68. It is an attractive location, only a few dozen metres away from Piotrkowska Street. It is also close to the famous Stable of the Unicorns

The hotel’s problems began in 2020, when the facility was closed due to a coronavirus pandemic. A year later, the characteristic neon sign was removed from the building (it went to the Neon Museum in Warsaw). For a while the building functioned as a workers’ hotel, then as early as 2022 refugees from Ukraine lived here, but in 2023 the building’s owner obtained permission to demolish it

Although the building was not as popular as the Centrum Hotel or the Grand Hotel, many remember it well. In the 1990s, it hosted dancing parties. In 2013, the idea was put forward to modernise and enlarge the building. The building was to gain additional floors, which would offer a very good view of the centre. The car park, in turn, was to be built up with a lightweight structure with a retail and commercial function. However, the plans were abandoned

photo taken in 2012, photo by Cereal Killer, wikimedia.org, licence: CC BY-SA 4.0

The owner of the building, the Eko-Vit company, does not comment on the decision to demolish and does not reveal what plans it has for the attractively located plot

A few months ago, we wrote about the demolished Centrum Hotel in Łódź, which also disappeared from the city’s landscape. Our article with unique photos of the interior can be found HERE

source: UM Łódź, łódź.pl

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