The United Arts Festival is behind us. This is what the first edition looked like

On the last weekend of August, the castle in Domanice became an artistic haven for actors, painters, musicians, sculptors, dancers and all art enthusiasts. They were united by a common mission initiated by Maciej Musiałowski – to celebrate and share art. The United Arts Festival was organised there.

For the three days of the Festival, Lower Silesia’s Domanice became a cultural epicentre on the map of Poland. It was there, at the invitation of Maciej Musiałowski, that eminent artists, representatives of various fields of art, came together to spread the exchange of ideas, to inspire, to stimulate creativity and creativity. From Friday to Saturday, guests of the United Arts Festival in the fabulous surroundings of the castle’s interiors and gardens had the opportunity to take part in workshops, panel discussions, concerts, film screenings…

We wrote about what the castle itself looks like in the article “CASTLE IN DOMANICE GETS A SECOND LIFE. IT’S A NEW HOME FOR CULTURE AND ART”, which you can read by clicking HERE

The artistic diversity was also evident in the musical line’up. The evening concerts featured, among others, Kayah, Igor Herbut, Magda Umer, Justyna Szafran, Wojtek Mazolewski and Julia Wieniawa, who prepared unique jazz-acoustic arrangements of her greatest hits especially for the Festival. On the last day, the audience drifted off to the music of Piotr Zioła, Ofelia and Szczyla. After the Sunday concerts, all the artists and Festival guests took part in the grand finale – the Festival of United Arts Gala hosted by the event’s host, Maciej Musiałowski

The fullness of the artistic experience was also realised at the level of the organisation of the castle spaces. In the gardens, surrealist sculptures by the eminent artist Krzysztof Renes were installed, and thanks to the partnership with Desa Unicum, guests had the chance to view the unique exhibition ‘Art Today’, presenting a spectrum of work by a number of current artists. Actors, ballerinas and musicians dressed in fairytale costumes also strolled among the festival guests, co-creating the oneiric atmosphere of the event

Encounters with art and culture also took place during all-day workshops and discussion panels. Anda Rottenberg, Maciej Musiał, Katarzyna Figura and Rafał Olbiński were just some of the names that provided guests with a dose of knowledge and inspiration. For those craving tranquillity and a glimpse into themselves, cyclical meditation sessions with Jessica Mercedes and Dominik Sadoch were organised, and those who felt like dancing and entertaining themselves had a great time to DJ sets in the castle’s Daisy Blue club

In the words of Maciej Musiałowski, ‘Itworked. The place has been revived. I feel like I’m in a dream, and every festival-goer, volunteer, friend and artist who decided to join us has done their part to make that dream a reality.”

The first edition of the United Arts Festival has come to an end. See you next year!

source: press materials

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