They work in the capital but live near Warsaw. This is what the interior of their house looks like

They did not want to be confined to a small flat in Warsaw. The young couple decided to move into a house in a nearby village. Although they commute to the capital for work, the dream house allowed them to create the perfect place for relaxation. The interior of the house was designed by Eliza Czumaj of the Zorza studio

The homeowners fell in love with the surrounding nature and the tranquillity offered by the climate of a village near the capital. They wanted to create a place that would be conducive to relaxation after a busy day at work. The house was to be a place for relaxation

They entrusted the task of designing the interior to Eliza Czumaj of the Zorza studio. To meet their needs, the architect opted for soothing, natural colours and materials. The result is an attractive space, coherent and harmonious at the same time. The colour base of the interior is light and, like a canvas, allows contrasting accents to be exposed. A lot of dark details appear in the house, and there are also shades of blue

The blues are very much liked by the homeowners and it was important for the architect to weave them into the space without overpowering it. Despite the stronger colour elements, the space is still perceived as subtle. This is thanks to the right proportion of dark to light and the skilful use of furniture with rounded forms,” describes Eliza Czumaj

An interesting feature is the semicircle motif, which creeps into the individual rooms of the house subtly linking them together. This can be seen in the rounded corners of the carpenter’s cabinets or in the details crowning the book shelves in the living area

The cabinetry shown in the photos was made specifically for this interior. Some were designed by the architect herself. These include, for example, the coffee tables or the decorative bar with arched niches that emerges from behind the sofa. As a result, they fit perfectly into the context of the entire arrangement

When working on the project, it was important to carefully select the finishing materials and combine a variety of textures and structures. All final material decisions were preceded by looking at various samples of colours, patterns and stains, and only when both parties felt fully satisfied with the choices did the search process end

In a well-designed interior, every detail matters. Examples are the furniture handles or the light fittings. Lamps have been carefully positioned, providing sufficient lighting but without overwhelming the space. The right mood in the interior can be created by grading the lighting by using individual ‘layers’

The upper lighting allows for full concentration, while the ambient glow promotes a relaxed atmosphere. Such lighting also highlights unique elements such as the wall-mounted bathroom mosaic in the shape of a fish scale, produced by the Polish brand Raw Decor, the designer adds

There are more elements from Polish manufacturers in the house near the city – such as brass handles or classic chairs by Fameg. The natural light that subtly permeates the interior is an undeniable addition that, combined with carefully selected furniture and accessories, gives the room a unique charm. Thanks to the large windows, the interior of the house is well-lit, and the sun’s rays emphasise the structures of the materials, making them even more noble

design: Eliza Czumaj – Zorza studio

photo: Mood Authors(

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