This is a modernist pavilion. Single-family house in Starowa Gora

The house was set in a small village in the Łódzkie Voivodeship. Its design was carried out by architects from MOOD Architekci. The modernist pavilion they designed is a sizable modern living space. The project was conceived in early 2024.

Its massing is reminiscent of elegant, modernist villas. The design of the two-faced house is distinguished by the restrained front elevation, which provides a sense of privacy for the residents and conceals its interior.

The building looks completely different from the garden side. Here, the house is distinguished by a fully glazed façade which, on the one hand, allows the residents to enjoy the view of the greenery and, on the other, is an attractive object to admire from the perspective of the garden. This solution allows all the rooms to be opened up and visually connected with nature. Householders will appreciate this especially on warm days.

A living area has been created in the central part of the building, which is extended by a terrace. The architects proposed timeless, elegant furniture, which was juxtaposed with noble materials. The stone wall in the living room appears here as the main decorative element.

Interestingly, the building still has an underground storey with an internal patio, which enhances the view from the fitness area. In total, the building has 455 square metres. This is a huge space that guarantees comfortable living.

About the studio:

The MOOD Architekci studio was born out of a passion for design. The office is based on design experience gained in many architectural studios both in Lodz and Warsaw. Studies at the Dutch Saxion University of Applied Sciences and an internship at Copenhagen-based Arrow Architects were also key moments of development. “We approach each project individually, with positive energy and a full understanding of the investor’s needs. We know how important the satisfaction of our clients is and the quality of the projects we deliver to them. We specialise in individual designs of single-family houses, multi-family buildings, small public buildings, as well as interior designs. We operate throughout Poland… and the world! ” – inform the architects of the Lodz office.

source: MOOD Architekci

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