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This is what the most luxurious train in Europe looks like. This is the Venice Simplon Orient Express

The Venice Simplon Orient Express, is a contemporary version of the iconic Orient Express. The service was launched in memory of the Orient Express, which made its first journey from Paris to Istanbul in 1883. At the time, the train passed through some of Europe’s largest cities

This year, the legendary train is back, but it travels on different routes. It does not only perform a transport function, but above all provides an experience and allows you to spend a few days in a luxurious environment. It is like a trip that only a few can afford

A huge advantage of the Venice Simplon Orient Express, is the views offered along the route. This year, the service is being operated on several routes. The journey takes place via the UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, among others. Passengers can travel from the first station to the last or choose to ride only on certain sections

One of the most popular is the route from Venice to London. The train journey on this section takes two days and starts at noon from Venice Santa Lucia station. The train arrives in London the following day in the afternoon

The comfort of the journey is supervised by a steward who will remind you of dinner time or provide towels. On board, you can enjoy dishes served by French chefs and listen to music played by a pianist. Luxurious cabins are provided for passengers. In the morning after breakfast, the train arrives in Paris at the Gare du Nord station. During the 40-minute stop, you can take a short walk. Then, after brunch, the train arrives at the English Channel, where the rest of the journey takes place in coach. Once in the UK, passengers change trains again, but this time it is the Belmond British Pullman

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How much does a two-day ride cost? The price for a single person’s journey is around £3,000. Which, at the exchange rate of 26 August 2023, means a cost of more than £15,000. However, the most expensive connection is the one operated between Paris and Istanbul. A ride on the route of the former Orient Express lasts six days and is only realised once a year. The cost of this pleasure is almost 100,000 zlotys. In this variant, the journey takes place via Budapest, Bucharest and Bulgaria. Guests spend one night in a hotel in Budapest and another in Bucharest. The organiser provides a city tour included in the price and full board

The operator of the route is the Belmond brand, which belongs to the French conglomerate LVMH. The conglomerate manages the Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior or Sephora brands, among others

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