Twitter has a new logo and name. It is now “X”

The change was unexpectedly announced by Elon Musk.The decision was swiftly implemented and the former Twitter is now operating with a new logo and name

The previous logo had been with Twitter for seventeen years, admittedly undergoing some changes, but it was always a symbol depicting a bird. This is the first such major change in the social network’s history. A few months earlier, the company’s formal name was changed – Twitter Inc. was renamed X Corp

Interestingly, the service with the new name is already up and running – if you type the address ‘’ into your web browser, you can already navigate to the former Twitter platform. However, not all elements of the service have already been renamed. Sub-pages such as ‘Terms of Use’, ‘Privacy Policy’ and ‘About’ are still available in the old version with the bird logo

The old logo was called Larry the Bird, named after the American basketball player Larry Bird. The new one is a simple letter X, which is placed on a white or black background

We asked Ewelina Gąska, graphic designer and illustrator, for her opinion on the new logo

The rebranding marks a definite step towards a clear separation from Twitter’s previous identity and perhaps even its function. Personally, I like the letter X albeit not unique to me in this edition. I would say correct. It does not stand out. I have seen many Xs designed in this way. I associate the X with multiplication, with something unfamiliar, and many brands use the X in collaboration with someone. I think it will be an interesting process of change and Musk’s strategic plan,’ says Ewelina Gąska

A different opinion was expressed by Marek Guzinski of Rio Creativo, a studio that deals with branding and visual identity

‘Twitter’s new logo looks like a quickly created concept for a soulless corporation. The kind from superhero tales, where a crazy and disgustingly rich guy realises his vision of taking over the world. Elon Musk, in his style, disregarding opinions and ignoring warnings, does what he feels like. Changing the logo to X is the next stage in the transformation of Twitter from a service where it was free to share information and express opinions into something that is Musk’s vision. Twitter is no longer Twitter and from that point of view the whole rebranding is perhaps justified. That doesn’t change the fact that visually it is very lacking and boring. But then again, who can say no to a rich man? I guess we’re all waiting for a superhero to save the bird…. – marek Guzinski says

Elon Musk would like to make Twitter a universal platform that combines multiple functions. Here he points to audio and video playback, messaging or fast payment services. Some changes have already been made – the platform allows voice and video calls

The AI-assisted ‘X’ will connect us in ways we are only beginning to imagine. For years, fans and critics have pushed Twitter to realise bigger dreams, innovate and fulfil our potential. “X” will do that and more,” reads a release from Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino

Where did the idea for the new logo and name come from? Back in the 1990s, Elon Musk founded the company “”. It dealt with online payments and was merged with the PayPall platform in later years. The letter ‘X’ can also be found in the names of the billionaire’s other companies – including SpaceX or Tesla cars, one of whose models is the Model X

A certain amount of consternation now surely exists for former Twitter users. For what word will replace ‘tweet’ (pol. chirp)? And what will we call posts – the former “tweets”?

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