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Two-storey flat in Sady Żoliborskie. Very impressive!

A 200-square-metre, two-storey flat in Sady Żoliborskie is the latest development by architects from the Architektura Mijo studio. The first level consists of a living room with a conservatory, a kitchen with a dining area and a bathroom. On the second level of the flat, there is a bedroom with wardrobe and bathroom, a study, a large bathroom and a children’s room

The connecting element between all these functions is a centrally located, multifunctional shaft. From the outside, the core is divided into zones, depending on the part of the flat in which it is located. From the entrance hall it houses seating, from the dining room shelves. From the kitchen, fridges, wine fridge, built-in coffee machine and storage cupboards. On the other hand, inside the shaft there are utility cupboards and a wardrobe.

Despite being a second-floor flat, there is a fireplace in the living room. The fireplace wall is clad in stone. On the opposite side is the gable wall of the property, which runs at a slant. The slant of the wall was leveled by encasing it with a veneered book shelf. The development of varying depths took the form of ‘gills’.

The materials used for the interior finishes are mainly natural wood, stone, glass and veneers. The finishing elements were supplied by: stone walls and worktops: i-mar Przedsiębiorstwo Kamieniarskie; supplier of furnishings, including lighting: Internity, Aquaform; wallpaper: Cole_and Son; furniture: Noti, Euforma, hoom.co

Designer: Mijo Architecture / www.architekturamijo.pl
Photos: Kroniki.studio Hanna Połczyńska / https://www.kroniki.studio/

About Architektura MIJO studio
Architekura MIJO is located on Stara Street in Warsaw. The architects operate in a tenement in one of the most charming locations in Warsaw – between the New Town square and Warsaw’s Barbican. MIJO is a team of passionate architects who strive to realise buildings, interiors and furniture that maintain a close relationship with the context and the client’s requirements. “Our work is based on careful analysis, attention to detail and respect for the environment. Nature is our friend and inspiration. We design and operate in a wide range: from interesting volume buildings to turnkey interior projects. We are involved in many interesting topics, including: building extensions, office projects, private flats, visitor centres, hotel interiors, pavilions. Our dogs Heca, Frajda and Melon are also an integral part of the studio at Stara.” – reads the architects’ website

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