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Unusual buildings: the brutalist Zlatibor hotel in Serbia

Hotel Zlatibor is located in the town of Užice, Serbia. It is a picturesque corner of the country on the Đetinja River near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The hotel’s brutalist edifice is one of the city’s architectural icons.

The hotel was built in 1981 for people who come here because of the winter sports infrastructure. The building was designed by architect Svetlana Radović, who opted for the Brutalist style popular in the 1970s. Architecture fans will notice elements in the building’s design that are reminiscent of modernist architecture in Japan. This is a good clue. Svetlana Radović had the opportunity to work in Kishō Kurokawa’s architectural office, which produced modernist designs for iconic buildings such as the Nakagin Capsule Tower, which we wrote about HERE.

With fifteen floors, the hotel officially opened after five years of construction on 24 September 1981, and was the most modern hotel in Yugoslavia at the time of its opening. Inside, 148 rooms were created and luxuriously furnished. The Zlatibor Hotel owes its name to the nearby Zlatibor mountains.

The building’s shape is reminiscent of a giant rocket, thanks to the expansive ground floor which cascades towards the street. The grey façade of the building is divided by vertical strips with windows in between. Their elongated shape enhances the dynamic form. The building seems to be waiting for someone to press the “start” button.

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Today, the condition of the building leaves much to be desired. Although the hotel is functioning, weddings and other events are organised there. An overnight stay in a standard double room costs around 300 zł.


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Hotel Zlatibor

Hotel Zlatibor

photo Bdx,, license: CC BY-SA 3.0
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Panorama of the town of Užice, Hotel Zlatibor is visible on the left:

fot. Predrag Supurovic,, licence: CC BY 1.0

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