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Vinyl panels for modern interiors. What to look out for?

Anyone decorating a house or flat wants the flooring chosen to be durable and look good. Vinyl panels are becoming increasingly popular, with their durability and timeless look. But which one should you choose? We have put together information to help you learn more about the properties of vinyl flooring and what’s new on the market

What should you consider when choosing a floor?

There are several elements that we absolutely must take into account when choosing a flooring material. Firstly, if you have underfloor heating, you need to find a material that offers the best thermal conductivity. Secondly, if we don’t want to change the floor every few years, we should choose a material that guarantees outstanding resistance – both to impacts, pressure and scratches. Thirdly, design – we should choose a floor that is pleasant to the touch, guarantees natural beauty and will be a good background for the whole arrangement. Fourthly, it is worth checking whether the chosen flooring has waterproof properties. Fifthly – child and pet friendliness. The flooring material must be safe for allergy sufferers. It would also be ideal if it was manufactured in Poland

Meeting all these criteria is not easy. But it is possible. The ideal choice for flooring according to all the above criteria are vinyl panels with hard core from the Arbiton brand

Vinyl panels as a material have been known for several years. During this time, at least several generations of this material have appeared. On the market, there are, for example, first-generation modified panels, multi-layer vinyl panels or, finally, SPC/RIGID rigid panels. In addition, we can distinguish between groups of vinyl panels, which differ in the way they are installed – by click, or so-called dryback (glued to the floor). If it is your first time deciding on vinyl flooring, and in addition you do not like to compromise, bet on the latest generation of vinyl panels – SPC panels

The most modern vinyl panels on the market, they have a rigid, extremely durable core that conducts heat brilliantly. The name comes from RIGID – rigid, or SPC (solid polymer core), which can be translated as rigid panels. An example of this type of core is HD Mineral Core, a solid core made from natural rock minerals and modern polymers. It provides exceptional impact resistance and excellent heat conduction

Arbiton collection – Amaron Wood – five years of experience on the market

Five years ago, the premiere of innovative vinyl panels from the Arbiton brand – the Amaron Wood collection – took place on the Polish market. “Beautiful as wood, practical as tiles” – this sentence perfectly reflects the properties of the collection. This year it underwent a complete refreshment. From the old collection, the four most popular colours remained on offer (oak shades Yankee, Alaskan, Sierra, Georgetown). As many as ten new, unique decors with a synchronous structure have appeared

Amaron Wood are long panels (1511 mm) that perfectly reproduce the beauty of natural wood. Built on an innovative mineral core, they are one of the hardest and most durable flooring materials on the market. They are also completely waterproof. Their thermal conductivity can only be compared to natural stone or porcelain stoneware tiles (R- 0.014), making them ideal for underfloor heating. They are also the only ones on the market to perform well on underfloor heating made with heating foil technology. Technically, this is a true Rolls-Royce in the world of flooring. With the best 5G locks on the market, 5 mm thickness and 0.55 mm wear layer, this is a panel that will enjoy beauty for decades

Amaron Wood vinyl panels – Arbiton’s flagship product in a new version

The Amaron Wood collection looks like real wood. However, in use it resembles seamless stoneware. Dimensional stability allows for laying up to 200 square metres of panels, without the need to introduce expansion joints. There is therefore no need for thresholds or door profiles

Vinyl panels with a mineral core are technologically revolutionary products. But it is also a real breakthrough in flooring design. The Amaron Wood collection comprises 14 colours. As many as ten of them are complete novelties. Made with EIR technology, they guarantee the deep structure of natural wood

Amaron Wood, Mattari oak

Among the colours that remain in the Amaron collection, the Sierra Oak shade stands out. This is a very warm oak shade that will make any interior feel cosy and homely. The distinctive grain and rich colouring make this shade easy to mistake for a natural plank. This impression is reinforced by the panels’ length of over 1.5 metres. It is suitable for both classic interiors and modern, minimalist spaces

The new colours of Amaron Wood – nature stands up for itself

The new Amaron Wood colour collection with EIR structure is a tribute to nature. All the shades, although varying in intensity, number of cracks or colour, are united by a unique authenticity. These include whitewashed boards, which will fit in perfectly with the Norwegian style, natural shades of yellow, as well as dark decors alluding to modernist or even rustic interiors. Particularly noteworthy among the new shades are


The alternating coolness and warmth of the grey colour of the floor is reminiscent of Johannes Vermeer, the eminent Flemish painter, who depicted the time of day in his paintings with such a play of colours. His name in the name of the floor is therefore to be associated with the play of light and shadow. It is a floor of contrasts, so it is impossible not to consider it in the context of a trend, where minimalism is combined with cosiness. Through the perception of the floor’s colours with the changing time of day, Johannes Oak fits in very well with Japandi’s characteristic Japanese austerity, which harmonises well with the northern love of hygge warmth


This is the sunniest floor in the collection. It is inspired by the holm oak Quercus ilex, found naturally in the UK and the Mediterranean. The creation of the floor is strongly inspired by the Mediterranean, which fits in perfectly with the artistic and travel interior design trend

Amaron Wood, Empire oak


This is an elegant colour reminiscent of dark chocolate. This floor will have a wide range of uses. It fits in perfectly with the mid-century interior style. And because of its industrial character, it is also close to loft interiors. In both cases, the floor works well in large, well-lit rooms. It is a great base for marble, light wood, metal and leather materials popular in both post-modern and post-industrial interiors

Amaron Wood vinyl panels – ideal for underfloor heating

If you have underfloor heating indoors, the choice of flooring material will be crucial to the efficiency of the entire system. Thermal resistance is expressed as the inverse of the amount of heat that flows through 1 sq m of partition surface in one hour, with a temperature difference of 1⁰C. The symbol for thermal resistance is the letter R and its unit is [m2K/W]. The higher the thermal resistance, the better an insulator a material is. Similarly, the lower it is, the better a material is a conductor – i.e. it will perform better with underfloor heating

Vinyl panels with a mineral core have a very low thermal resistance, making them ideal for homes with underfloor heating. Amaron Wood vinyl panels have one of the lowest thermal resistances on the market – R-0.014. Arbiton is also the first manufacturer to allow the installation of electric heating foils together with vinyl panels. This combination, combined with photovoltaics, can result in significant financial savings. For example, assuming that the average annual heating costs are about PLN 5 000 and the efficiency of underfloor heating is 25 per cent higher than traditional heating systems, we can save about PLN 1 250 per year. That’s just the savings from heating! If we add the savings from solar energy, we can save even more

Amaron Wood – order samples and enjoy a beautiful floor

The Amaron Wood collection is an absolute novelty. It is currently available in full colours in the showrooms of the Bel-Pol network located throughout Poland. You may also order on the Arbiton brand website samples of decors and use the on-line visualiser, which allows you to test each floor in your own interior. The producer guarantees delivery in just two days from placing the order. A floor as beautiful as wood and as practical as tiles is right at your fingertips. For more information, visit

source: Arbiton press materials

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