Warsaw: a neglected car park to be transformed into Krasiński Square

The investment will be realised in Żoliborz. Krasińskiego Square will be built in the road strip along Krasińskiego Street. It will be a place with alleys, planted hills, greenery and a play area for children

The construction of the square has been divided into several stages. The square will be a new green space in Żoliborz. The Warsaw Greenery Management Board plans to plant a hundred trees there: pear trees, hawthorns, spruces, pines and lime trees, as well as low vegetation. Tens of thousands of plants – shrubs and bulbous plants – will be planted in the square. The whole will be complemented by meadows and climbers and ornamental grasses

As part of the investment, new alleys will be created between the trellises. Residents will also be able to sit on benches or play checkers at a games table. A play area will be created for children

The new square will be constructed in the road strip along Krasińskiego Street – on the section from Broniewskiego Street to the access street at Krasińskiego 69 Street. The investment is to be implemented in stages, therefore the square construction project has been divided into 4 sections: section no. 1: from Broniewskiego Street to A. German Street; section no. 2: from A. German Street to Przasnyska Street; sections 3 and 4: from Przasnyska Street to the access street at Krasińskiego 69 Street

The construction work and planting of the first section of the square will be carried out first. This part is to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2024. Sections 2 and 3 will also be built at the same time. We have signed a contract with the Contractor for PLN 4.1 million. Going forward, we want to carry out plantings on sections 2 and 3 and complete section 4

The investment is being carried out as part of a project from the civic budget. AKG Architektura Krajobrazu is responsible for the construction work. The project was prepared by PROINWESTYCJA Katarzyna Łowicka

source: Warsaw Greenery Authority

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