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Warsaw: greenery instead of concrete. 39,000 square metres of paving removed in a year

New greenery is planted in small areas. This is also the aim of the programme – to remove the concrete pavement and replace it with new greenery, but in areas where it will not adversely affect pedestrian or cyclist traffic

The city summarised the so-called pavement striping in 2022. At that time, 29,000 square metres of concrete surface was successfully removed. The exposed soil was adapted for new greenery. Such work is carried out by various units of the city, one of which is the Warsaw Greenery Board, which boasts that it has tarmacked almost 3,000 sq m in road lanes and water bodies in 2022

A sizable share of the removal of concrete paving comes from the residents themselves, who submit such ideas as part of the Civic Budget. Thus, new greenery in Warsaw appeared at Żeromskiego, Chełmska, Jagiellońska, Świętokrzyska streets and at several intersections in Muranów

Concrete is also disappearing from places not frequented by residents. A courtyard on Siewierska Street in Ochota has been desludged. In addition, the tree bowls in the Jacek Kaczmarski square will be enlarged. Another green area (300 sq m) will appear during the construction of the Integrator Square in Bielany and as part of the modernisation of Pole Mokotowskie Park

In 2022, we made splashbacks as part of the implementation of projects from the civic budget, the Green Fund for Warsaw, as well as during the construction of the Integrator Square in Bielany (first stage) or the modernisation of Pole Mokotowskie Park, informs the Warsaw Greenery Board

We wrote about how Integrator was created HERE

The main photo of the article shows the Theatre Square, where new green parts also appeared. Similar interventions were carried out at the intersections of Jana Pawła II and Solidarności Avenue, Siedmiogrodzka, Skierniewicka, Niemcewicza and Korotyńskiego. Colourful perennials, bulbous plants, roses are now blooming in the slab areas, and two maple-leaf plane trees are also growing at Jana Pawła II and Solidarności Avenue. Greenery has also been made in several locations along Grojecka Street

One of the largest concrete areas that disappeared from the city until recently was in Pole Mokotowskie park. There were water reservoirs there, which were renaturalised during the renovation. 15 thousand square metres of hardened surface were removed. Another 2.6 thousand square metres were removed during the renovation of the eastern rosette of the Piaseczynski Canal. You can read more about the latter by clicking HERE

source: Warsaw Greenery Management Board

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