Warsaw: RIOT GALLERY opens. RIOT VASES exhibition opens

The opening of RIOT GALLERY in Warsaw will take place on 25 November.The gallery is located at 3/1 Berezyńska St. The exhibition will feature works by Agnieszka Bar, Marek Cecuła, Glitch lab, Hadaki and Pani Jurek, among others

The vase is an interior design object that can be viewed through the prism of aesthetics rather than function. It is an illustration of the designer’s skill, an indication of the craftsman’s knowledge of material, a reflection of the artist’s imagination. Among everyday objects, it is the vase, through its variety of unveilings, that would stand at the forefront of the rebellion

RIOT VASES is an exhibition presenting different versions of vases by more than 20 Polish artists with different experiences and ways of thinking. Thanks to their unique skills, the utilitarian form becomes an artistic object. By juxtaposing different points of view and personalities in one place, we show how one object, simple by definition, can, through the use of many techniques and materials, take on different forms, tell different stories and cause confusion

The exhibition is the inauguration of RIOT GALLERY, a place manifesting rebellious ideas, celebrating experimentation and a fresh perspective on art, design and craft

Curator: Arkadiusz Szwed- a ceramist who hacks processes, challenges rules and plays with material. He is involved in both applied design, conceptual art and industrial design education at the School of Form at SWPS University. Arkadiusz’s works are a visual reflection of the chaos in his head, combined with a collage of technical knowledge, sensitivity and creativity. Artistic director of Glitch Lab

source: Riot Gallery

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