With a colourful façade. Building for design students in Bogotá

The design of the building was created by Heatherwick Studio. The edifice with a colourful façade will be built for the University of Bogotá in Colombia.

London-based architects Heatherwick Studio have designed a new faculty building for the University of Bogotá, which will house sustainable design students. The new building will be built on the existing campus in the city centre on Calle 72.

Of the building on display, the façade details are the main draw. This part will be decorated with colourful ‘cups’, which will be made of wood. The goblets consist of colourful, bulging columns that expand upwards to form small terraces. The colourful elements are intended to refer to local craft traditions.

Creativity is an integral part of Bogotá. It can be seen everywhere here. ‘We want students to feel a sense of pride in the campus before they even enter the building, passing through the public square, which for pedestrians is a welcoming oasis in the midst of an urban environment,’ says Eliot Postma, design group leader and partner at Heatherwick Studio.

The edifice, with its colourful façade, will become an architectural landmark of the campus. The building has been designed to keep out excessive sunlight. In turn, small gardens are to be created on the aforementioned pockets, which will grow plant species characteristic of the region’s climate.

The university building is the first Heatherwick Studio project to be realised in South America. Construction work will begin in 2025.

source: HeatherwickStudio

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