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Women’s sneakers for everyday styling – check out what to wear with them!

Nowadays, sneakers have become very versatile footwear that can be worn with almost any outfit – you just have to do it with taste and a sense of style. Trainers and trainers of all kinds are now an almost indispensable part of the ladies’ wardrobe. This is not surprising, as they are not only comfortable, but also work well in all circumstances. Read the article below and find out what to pair women’s sneakers with

Go for a sporty look

Adidas and trainers are undoubtedly associated with sporty styles, so one of the best ideas is to pair them with such clothes. If you’re on a day off or you’re not dressed for work, pair your favourite Nike shoes with a casual T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms. Match the tracksuit bottoms with a slim-fit top and you’re good to go shopping or for a walk. In colder weather, a tracksuit set with trousers and a sweatshirt in the same colour is a good option. If you’re not a fan of loose-fitting tracksuit bottoms, you can always style them with form-fitting leggings. Leggings will go well with both delicate trainers and slightly bulkier trainers. When choosing leggings, however, remember to check the material they are made of – so that nothing shines through.

Choose an urban style

Cities have their own rules, so while on a day off you may be able to dress casually, if you’re going to an important meeting, exam or work with a dress code, you need to look a bit more elegant. However, not every woman likes to wear stiletto heels or tire her feet out by leaving them in ballerinas for hours on end. In this situation, sneakers come to the rescue and are a great way to complement an urban style. If you want to look smart but feel comfortable, opt for a casual shirt, classic jeans and sneakers in a neutral colour – preferably white, beige or black. If you like bold colours, you can pair a pink shirt with sneakers in the same shade. In colder weather, a long coat or oversized jumper will go well with this outfit.

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Create a lightweight look

Sneakers are also great footwear for a date or going out with friends. If you’re planning to go out on the town and want to look not only chic but also girly, the plan to choose a dress or skirt is definitely on your mind. Just which shoes to choose to go with it so that you can spend this time comfortably and conveniently? The times when only elegant high-heeled shoes were worn with skirts and dresses are long gone. Nowadays, they are very often combined with different models of sneakers – depending on their cut and material. Delicate styles go well with Converse trainers, for example, while skirts made of heavy materials can be teamed with slightly bulkier shoe models. At owe you will find many of the latest sneaker models in a variety of sizes, designs and colours, so you are sure to create the perfect look that suits you and your style.

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Young woman shoes new sneakers, box with sneakers at home background

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