Wrocław takes care of the courtyards. This is how another

In Wrocław, a project has been underway for years to give backyards a new lease of life. Neglected places are becoming small squares, playgrounds and integrating residents. One of the latest is the metamorphosis of the courtyard on bp. Tomasza Pierwszy Street

The completion of the works was announced by the Municipal Resources Management Board in Wrocław. Residents of buildings located at the junction of ul. bp. Tomasza Pierwszego and pl. Staszica. A playground with a safe surface was created there

Previously, the courtyard was grey and its main purpose was as a car park. Now, a multifunctional apparatus nearly three metres wide, a rocker, a swing, twin atom-like climbing toy apparatus, a sandpit, and modern concrete benches with wooden seats, more than two metres long, have appeared in several places

The elements were set up on a surface of various types. The ground was made of elastic matting to cushion falls, sand, gravel and paving stones. The whole area received new lighting and fencing. Benches have also been placed in the courtyard for the elderly to use

In addition, the space has been complemented with greenery planting. Six young trees (three red maples and the same number of plane trees) have appeared in the courtyard, as well as hedges of dry bush and an evergreen eastern laurel, which in future will be a natural barrier separating the residential part from the courtyard one. At the entrance to the interior from Bishop Tomasza I Street, there are two green areas designed in a modern style, with plants adapted to the sunlight and irrigation conditions of the area (blue-flowering groundsel and hostas grow there). Further on, various types of grasses (miscanthus, spider plants, brightly coloured sword-leaved impatiens), pleasantly fragrant and violet-white flowering flat-stemmed coneflowers, ivies and established lawns can be seen

source: Wrocław Municipal Resources Management

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