Biskupia 17

17 Biskupia Street in Gdańsk has already undergone a major renovation. It looks as it did at the end of the 19th century.

The eclectic tenement house standing at 17 Biskupia Street dates from the end of the 19th century. The building has recently undergone a comprehensive renovation as part of the ‘Revitalisation of Biskupia Górka and Stare Chełm’ programme. This is the second completed investment by Gdanskie Nieruchomości under this programme. Work began in November 2022 and was completed in January 2024.

New tenants will soon be moving into five separate flats with comfortable bathrooms and excellent views of the Main City. Previously, the units shared a common toilet in the stairwell. The areas of the flats range from 40 to 70 m2. A storage cell of approximately 2 m2 belongs to each of them.

Biskupia 17

The scope of works carried out included the following: horizontal and vertical insulation, a new foundation slab, replacement of all wooden ceilings with reinforced concrete ones, thermal insulation of the foundation walls and insulation of the external walls from the inside. A new roof with wooden rafters was also built. In addition, new sanitary installations, water supply, ventilation, electrical and teletechnical installations, a hydrant system, as well as earthing and lightning protection were installed in the building. As part of the work, the cosy courtyard at the rear of the building was also modernised.

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Biskupia 17 before and after renovation. Photo † Yanek/, Licence: CC-BY-SA 3.0 and Gdańsk Properties

Based on the conservation work programme, architectural details have been restored and reconstructed. These include elements of the staircase, the door, the window eaves and the terrazzo in the staircase. Also in the staircase of the building, on the walls of the top floor, a so-called marbleisation was carried out. Such a requirement appeared in the restoration programme as a ‘witness to history’ to show that this is how this decoration may have originally looked. Warm colours were used on the rest of the walls and stairs. A Building Management System was installed in the townhouse to monitor energy and utility consumption.

The value of the investment is PLN 4,254,499.02 with the support of EU funds and the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego’s Surcharge Fund.

Source: Gdańskie Nieruchomości

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