A country house surrounded by woodland. Abandoned farmhouse given a second life

The old country house, located in a quiet and picturesque area, enchanted its future owners with both a garden providing plenty of privacy and the beautiful woods surrounding it. Although the building was in a deplorable state, it hid great potential and a challenge for the Miramari design studio, which was commissioned to redevelop it.

The couple found a charming location, which was surrounded on all sides by a beautiful forest. The location of the house provided much of the privacy they sought and desired, but the building itself needed a complete overhaul. As designer Monika Turner recalls, only the roof and exterior walls were left in the building. The salvaged historical substance was adapted to suit the needs of the new owners. Several large sliding windows were designed to let the stunning surroundings into the building. At the same time, the owners were keen to preserve the original character.

The gable wall of the house was kept in a style similar to the surrounding rural buildings. The arched windows with their familiar character perfectly emphasise the historic spirit of the old farmhouse. In the work on the garden, the Miramari architects joined forces with engineer Jana Pyšková and later with architect Jan Záhora. The privacy of the residents in front of the house is ensured by a stylised gate with a wicket.

The spacious concept of the house is impressively combined with the façade. All windows offer beautiful and unobstructed views. The main space of the house has been developed by the architects in the most efficient and comfortable way. The master bedroom has a dressing room and a large bathroom. On the first floor of the house there is space for an additional separate room and a study. On the terrace next to the house and under the walnut trees in the garden, a seating area has been arranged for gatherings with family and friends, surrounded by beautiful nature. The homeowner likes the bright, airy spaces, but despite their openness, they need to be very cosy.

“I always try to design the interior so that it is welcoming and comfortable and the client feels like the space is wrapping them like a warm blanket. It can’t be cold!” – says designer Monika Turner.

Wiejski dom

This has undoubtedly been achieved. The whole gives the impression of being completely harmonious and compact. Nothing here shouts out, each object is part of a coherent whole. The colours used create a palette of soft, neutral shades of beige, grey, white and brown. To achieve the necessary patina, the authors painted the building with lime, and the stone plinth completes the historical character. The floors of the house were made of concrete, wood or lined with natural carpet. Many of the interior finishes and furnishings were also made of wood, and it was decided to expose some of the old rafters.

Lighting plays an important role here, with its intensity adapted to the time of day. The owners are very happy with their country house. They appreciate, for example, the windowsill for sitting by the large window in the living room, as well as the long bench by the fireplace, which on the one hand serves as a seat at the dining table and on the other creates a place for the TV and wood storage. Their enduring admiration also extends to the large dressing room and the spacious and light-filled bathroom.

Source: miramari.cz

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Subject: Country house surrounded by forest. Abandoned farmhouse given a second life

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