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A grind-free Ferris wheel in Seoul. The only one of its kind in the world

Seoul’s spearless Ferris wheel is set to become a new attraction. The construction of a viewing wheel over the Han River is part of a plan to revitalise the park here. The Peace Park Wheel (Seoul Twin Eye) will be larger than the famous London Eye. The wheel’s futuristic design is reminiscent of a 17th century Korean clock.

The Ferris wheel will be located in a park built for the 2002 FIFA World Cup, which South Korea hosted together with Japan. Seoul Worldcup Stadium located opposite the park is the third largest stadium in the country. Both the park and the stadium form an attractive public space where residents like to relax. Therefore, the idea came up to refresh a somewhat forgotten place. Along with the Ferris wheel, the mayor of Seoul has planned to revitalise the coastal area. The plan is to build thousands of small public spaces along the Han River.

Eye of Seoul

The concept by Dutch design studio UN Studio is that the new viewing wheel will consist of a 40-metre base and two overlapping hoops. The diameter of the wheel will be 180 metres, so together with the base it will be as high as 220 metres. This is 30 metres less than the world’s tallest Ferris wheel, the Ain Dubai. However, the Peace Park Wheel will certainly be the largest observation wheel without spokes.

The wheel’s two rims guarantee stability. According to UN Studio, the Ferris wheel is expected to withstand earthquakes and strong winds. The rims will be traversed by carriages that can accommodate up to 25 people. A total of 64 such carriages can circulate around the rim. Interestingly, the carriages are to circulate on both the inside and outside of the wheel.

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The 40-metre tall wheel base is actually a fully functional building. Inside there will be, among other things: an exhibition space, a concert hall and food and beverage sectors.

Where did the idea for such an original design for the wheel come from? Its design is meant to refer to the Honcheonsigye astronomical clock, one of South Korea’s national treasures. The circular movements of the wheel are meant to remind us of the passage of time. Speaking of time, it should be mentioned that the attraction is scheduled to open in three years’ time, with the first works starting as early as 2025. Once opened, it will certainly be one of the best viewpoints in Seoul.

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