Alma restaurant. It opened in a former cinema

Its design was created by the NEUHĘUSL HUNAL studio. The Alma restaurant opened in the spaces of the former cinema of the same name in the centre of Czech Prague. It is an expansive complex that is divided into an atmospheric café, restaurant and bar.

The architects were tasked with designing the 810 sq m space. The architects David Neuhäusl and Matěj Hunal had already worked with the investor before, so they knew his expectations well.

The architects admit that preparing this project was a challenge. The modernised building combines old buildings with new parts. The restaurant operates on two levels – the first is a historic building with a vaulted ceiling, while the second part is more modern. How to visually combine the spaces?

The investor expected a high-level interior, elegant but casual at the same time. The designers therefore opted for a variety of colours, textures and materials. They reached for a subdued colour palette and subtle lighting. It turned out that the diversity visible in the photos, when put together, began to act as a unity. Metal grids appeared in the transitions between the individual zones, visually binding the interior together. In addition, the common denominator of the zones is the use of ceramic tiles, the colour of which gradually darkens from the lightest in the café to the darkest in the underground bar. A similar treatment was used with the furniture, woodwork and upholstery.

Natural wood adds warmth to the space. An important role is played by the compact solids of the bars and the open kitchen, whose solid expression is emphasised by the stainless steel,” describe the authors of the project.

The Alma restaurant is open from early morning until evening. During the day, it functions mainly as a café. In the evening, however, instead of coffee, customers are more likely to reach for wine here.

photo: Radek Úlehla,

project: NEUHÄUSL HUNAL (David Neuhäusl, Matěj Hunal)

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