An abandoned building in Pomerania. It was supposed to be an art gallery

This is an example of big dreams colliding with reality. The abandoned building is located near Kościerzyna in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. It was meant to be a spacious art gallery. Its originator did not manage to complete the building before his death. The bold vision went away with him.

Construction of the building began in the 1990s. The investor planned to open an art gallery here. According to information from nearby residents, the originator of the construction faced many problems.

The mysterious artist wanted to create a place where, among other things, his works of art would be exhibited. For years, he had dreamt of a place tucked away in the woods that would be an oasis of art and culture. A project prepared in the 1990s saw the start of construction. Then problems arose. Organisational problems and human problems. The distance from the buildings meant that the site was frequently visited by thieves who stole building materials. Out of this helplessness, the owner decided to place an inscription above the main entrance:


The information on the frontage accurately reflects the reality of the late 1990s. The abandoned building was erected on a rectangular plan. The entrance area is decorated with four columns, behind which rises a two-storey structure. In the central part of the building is a large dome, the inner part of which is also decorated with inscriptions by the artist-investor.

This dome is the heart of the building. It is through it that the sunlight enters and illuminates the two levels of the building. The lower storey is distinguished by a colonnade, along which works of art were to be hung.

Today, the building is in a terrible state. The roof has holes, broken windows… Inside, wall paintings have appeared.

The author of the published photos is Szary Burek, author of a photoblog where he publishes photos of mostly abandoned and inaccessible buildings. You can find reports from his expeditions at

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