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Construction of the Great Fordon Loop, a modern pedestrian and cycle route, is underway

The City of Bydgoszcz has signed a contract for the construction of the first section of the Great Fordon Loop on the Tatra estate. The investment to be realised was chosen by residents in the vote for the Bydgoszcz Civic Budget. Earlier, a contract was signed for the design of another section of this route between Primary School No. 67 and Tatrzańska Street.The Great Loop of Fordon is a large project, which ultimately envisages the creation of a route that surrounds all Fordon housing estates and connects many existing cycle routes

In the first instance, work has been commissioned on the section between Tatrzańska and Bora-Komorowskiego Streets. A pedestrian and cycle path will be created along Wierchowa and Geodetów streets. As part of the investment, exits to properties will also be hardened or rebuilt. The junction of Tatrzańska and Wierchowa streets will be given a hard surface and an elevated form. Strabag, with whom the City has signed a contract worth PLN 1.66 million, will be responsible for the work. The works will be completed in the middle of next year

Photo: Bydgoszcz City Hall

Wielka Pętla Fordonu

The works on Geodetów Street will be carried out first. At the beginning of September this year, the design of the section between the Primary School in Kromer Street and Wierchowa Street was commissioned. This will cost over PLN 300,000. The documentation and necessary permits will be completed by the end of 2025. This is the most complicated section of the route requiring, among other things, the acquisition of land not owned by the city. However, work is nearing completion on the Old Fordon section of the route, which was commissioned as part of the revitalisation of areas on the banks of the Vistula. The completed pedestrian and cycle promenade will be available for use this autumn. The city also has complete documentation for the section between the Szybownik and Tatrzański estates

Photo: Bydgoszcz City Hall

Wielka Pętla Fordonu

As part of the revitalisation of this part of Bydgoszcz, an asphalt track with jumps and bends was also created. A pumptrack was created near the waterfront on the eastern side of Frycza-Modrzewskiego Street. The track can be ridden safely by cyclists, BMX enthusiasts, skaters, inline skaters and longboarders of all skill levels. The construction solutions take into account the fact that the facility may temporarily be underwater (for the duration of the flood wave on the Vistula). In addition to the pumptrack, the scope of the project includes, among others, the reconstruction of streets, tree planting and development of the areas along the Vistula (also skate park, gym, playground, small architecture)

A visualisation of the pumptrack. Photo: Bydgoszcz City Hall

The Great Loop of Fordon is to have, where possible, a separate section for cyclists and another for pedestrians, joggers and walkers. Its northern part is to run at the foot of the Fordon slope of the so-called hills from the Eskulapa housing estate to Tatrzansky. Through Wierchowa and Geodetów streets it is to connect to the flood defence embankment surrounding Fordon from the east. In Old Fordon, meanwhile, sections of the route linking the Vistula embankment with Promenada Street are being built as part of the revitalisation. Further on, the route will run towards Brdyujście, cross Fordońska Street in the vicinity of Kaliskiego Street and, via the planned academic park at the back of the Bydgoszcz University of Technology campus, reach the junction of Akademicka and Rejewskiego Streets. There it will connect with the existing cycle route along Matka Teresa z Kalkuty Street leading to the Eskulapa housing estate. The length of the entire ring road is more than 20 kilometres. The asphalt surface is to provide a high level of comfort for pedestrians and cyclists. A high level of safety is to be ensured by monitoring and lighting. The recreational route will be equipped with roofed stopping stations with benches and other small architecture, including bicycle racks, information boards and waste bins
This year a record length of new bicycle routes will be put into service – about 13 kilometres. At the end of the year Bydgoszcz will have about 140 kilometres of bicycle paths


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