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Disused railway lines can be turned into cycle routes

An agreement to this effect was signed by the railwaymen together with local government officials. They will make it possible to turn disused railway lines into cycle routes in the future.

The agreement was concluded by PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. and the Association of Voivodeships of the Republic of Poland. The document is a prelude to cooperation on the construction of new cycle paths along railway lines.

Thecooperation between PLK SA and ZWRP is supposed to improve the construction of cycle routes in railway areas by local governments, and thus promote ecology and a healthy lifestyle, reads a statement issued by PKP SA.

This is only the first and general document, which is to be the basis for cooperation on this issue. The investments planned by local authorities will be consulted with the railwaymen, who will decide whether a given section of the former railway line can be rebuilt to become part of a cycle route. In this way, a cooperation framework for working out solutions concerning the technical conditions of railway crossings with cycle paths and access routes for cyclists and people with reduced mobility is defined.

We contacted Magdalena Janus from the Press Team of PKP PLK S.A., who stressed that each case of a desire to include a disused railway line in a designed bicycle route will be analysed individually. It may happen, however, that a route on which trains have not been running for years will be reactivated.

In the areas of currently inactive railway lines, investors – local governments must take into account the provision of land development in a manner allowing to maintain the continuity of the transport corridor, including for the needs of possible future investments related to the extension of the railway network – informs the PKP PLK company.

Local authorities wishing to build a route for bicycles must submit a project to the railways. Then, after the acceptance of the plans, a contract will be prepared, which will define the rights and obligations for the implementation and maintenance of such a cycle route.

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What might such routes look like? A few days ago, we wrote about the former railway station in Pławna in the Dolnośląskie Voivodeship (photo above). The building had not served as a railway station for many years. As a result, the building is now managed by the Lubomierz municipality, and a modern village hall has been opened inside. Where trains still ran in the 1990s, today you can no longer see the tracks. Instead, there is a path for bicycles. This solution is intended to encourage residents and tourists to visit the village by bicycle. You can read more about the changes in Pławna in the article HERE.

source: PKP PLK

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photo 23001799, Pixabay

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