It is in a townhouse. Cosy flat in the centre of Wrocław

It is a cosy space that soothes the eyes. The flat is located in the centre of Wrocław and is 90 sqm in size.The interior was designed by Iga Majorek, and the space was immortalised in photographs by the Zasoby Studio team

In this realisation, we can confidently write that the location itself is a great asset. The flat is located in the city centre, in a tenement house from the 18th century, which influences the atmosphere inside. It is a historic building, but its interior has been remodelled many times and has lost its historic appearance

When preparing the design of the flat, the architect wanted to create a place with a clean composition that would give a sense of calm from the hustle and bustle of the bustling Old Town. The new functional layout involved separating the night and day areas and creating space for comfortable work

The designer used the warm colour of natural wood. It is visible in the form of the oak parquet floor, wall cladding and furniture, which are made of the same material

The living area is easy to arrange and can be transformed into a living room or work area depending on the needs. The special built-in system means that the number of objects in view is kept to a minimum

The kitchen is also tidy. Thanks to the sliding fronts, this area has a minimalist character and gently reveals a hidden row of cupboards. It’s a simple visual treatment that has calmed the space while providing the optimum amount of storage space. Once closed, the kitchen disappears into the wooden built-ins

Most of the furniture used here was created according to an individual design. In the interior, the massive tables stand out in particular – in the dining room and the other used as a work desk. The designer used a soft, subdued colour palette – the broken white of the walls, lavender curtains and travertine window sills. The final touches are iconic design – chairs a Carl Hansen & Son, Semi lamp and 9602 Tynell from Gubi

design: Iga Majorek Studio

photo: Resources Studio

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