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Jordan Park in Krakow. The monument is about to undergo a metamorphosis

Jordanówka – the landmark building from Jordan Park will once again be a delight to the eye, but not only.A complete design and cost-estimate documentation has been prepared and a building permit has been issued in 2022

The building is in a poor state of repair and is therefore not being leased at the moment. Once the modernisation is completed, it will be possible to allocate it for lease by tendering for the operator of the site. The project envisages the site being used as a year-round café/refreshment area with an additional social or cultural function, the appearance of which was requested by residents during the public consultation carried out by the city last year. The task will be able to be implemented once funding has been secured for this purpose

Source: ZZM in Krakow


The project was developed in accordance with the guidelines of the conservation services. These included maintaining the current shape, architectural divisions and communication. The “Jordanówka” pavilion was built in 1974 on the basis of a design prepared by the PW-1 studio of the “Miastoprojekt – Kraków” design office in Kraków, on the site of a demolished wooden pavilion of the same name. The building has the shape of a rotunda. It has full glazing in the café area. It is surrounded by a terrace. The project takes into account the modernisation of the site with attention to detail specific to the building, which is listed in the register of historic buildings. For example, the wooden soffit of the arcade, the stone floor consisting of characteristic marble, limestone and dolomite, the restoration of the original colour scheme of the bar, or the specific spotlights in black cylinder-shaped fittings will be maintained

Jordanowka before and after the restoration. Photographer: cracusiac and ZZM in Kraków

The building will have sanitary facilities adapted to its functions, and the modernisation will allow facilities for people with disabilities to be introduced. The modernisation project is to create a place responding to the needs of residents visiting the park and fitting in with the ideas of the founder and patron of the park, Dr Henryk Jordan

Source: ZZM in Krakow

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