Kalisz City Park. Thanks to revitalisation, it is once again vibrant

It is very natural. The City Park in Kalisz is a green enclave that attracts residents and is a venue for cultural events.The revitalisation of the place shows that, with greenery and small interventions in architecture, it is possible to create a place that simply pleases

The Planty in Kalisz has already been renovated in 2021. The new greenery planting carried out then shows that the effects of nature are worth waiting for. It was possible to increase the biologically active area here and introduce new plant species. Nearly 300 new trees have been planted, and new walking paths have been made into grass carpets

The Prosna River Festival will already take place in Kalisz on 26 August. The event will feature live music, including the Symphony Orchestra of the Kalisz Philharmonic

The open-air concert will take place in the City Park and visitors will be able to use the new infrastructure. Listeners will be able to use the viewing stairs over the Prosna River, which is the first element of the Kalisz boulevards. The nearby alleys have been given a mineral-permeable surface. The area by the theatre bridge was paved with granite slabs. New lighting was installed in part of the greenery

I encourage you to visit the magnificent city park. It is a unique green retreat surrounded by the Prosna River and the Bernardine Canal. Staying in the very centre of Kalisz, we can relax in the natural surroundings, admiring one of the prettiest city parks in Poland. It overlooks the most beautifully situated theatre in the country. From the park’s alleys, we can see the Dorotka Tower with the remains of the city walls, the National Sanctuary of St. Joseph and the Kalisz Orthodox Church. On the border of the park we will sit by the fountain Noce i Dnie, which delights not only during the day but also in the evening. Recommended. I invite you to Kalisz,” says Krystian Kinastowski, Mayor of Kalisz

source: Kalisz City Hall(www.kalisz.pl)

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