Łowicz Central Railway Station opened after reconstruction. This is what it looks like!

The railwaymen have just handed it over to travellers. The Łowicz Central railway station was opened on Thursday 15 February. The building has been rebuilt, its façade is decorated with a detail featuring a Łowicz cut-out motif, and the interior has been adapted to meet modern needs. The work took just over two years.

The railway station in Łowicz is a building with a rich history. During reconstruction, a 19th-century section of the building was combined with a modern part added later. On the façade of the older part, architectural details including rustication, pilasters or cornices were renovated. The newer one, on the other hand, was finished with rectangular fibre-cement panels with a motif from the folk cut-outs of the Łowicz region reflected in the corners. The ashen façade corresponds to the white frames of the windows and doors, and the whole is illuminated at night. During the works, a clock and inscriptions with the name of the station and the PKP S.A. logo were installed.

Subdued colours rule inside. It is mainly whites and greys. The floor of the lobby is finished in light grey stone, which contrasts with the basalt colour of the wall cladding. A white slatted ceiling with linear lighting fixtures adds brightness to the interior. The benches are an interesting element of the interior. They have a modernist, streamlined shape and their wooden seats and backs are visually reminiscent of the historic benches at railway stations. In the waiting room, electronic boards for train arrivals and departures, display cases with timetables and two clocks have been installed. A ticket office has been designated for passenger services. There are also toilets, a commercial premises and a Railway Guard station. The first floor is mostly a large rental unit and railwaymen’s quarters.

When renovating stations, the railwaymen try to remove architectural barriers. This was also the case this time. In addition, the facility was equipped with guided paths, tactile maps, Braille signage for the blind and visually impaired and lifts.

The station also became environmentally friendly. A total of 68 photovoltaic panels were installed on the roof of the building to provide power for the facility. In addition, the facility has been fitted with energy-efficient lighting, as well as an intelligent building management system that will optimise electricity, heat and water consumption.

In turn, heat loss was reduced by insulating the building, replacing windows and doors and installing air curtains at the entrances to the service area. Thanks to the security systems installed during the investment – monitoring, access control, burglary and assault signalling and fire protection – the station will also be a safe place for passengers,” reads a PKP S.A. communiqué.

This is how the interior looked BEFORE the redevelopment:

photo by Grzegorz W. Tężycki, wikimedia.org, licence: CC BY-SA 4.0

The reconstruction of Łowicz Główny station also included its immediate surroundings. New paving was laid in the vicinity of the station, as well as elements of small architecture (benches, bins, lighting) and greenery were installed. Although there could be more of the latter.

In total, the reconstruction cost PLN 13.17 million gross. It was carried out as part of the Station Investment Programme 2016-2023 with PKP S.A.’s own funds. Polskie Koleje Państwowe S.A. is the investor. However, the design documentation for the reconstruction of the station was prepared by the Domagało Wnuk Architekci studio, and the construction work was carried out by the Częstobud Construction Company Damian Świącik from Częstochowa.

source: PKP S.A.

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This is how the building looked BEFORE the redevelopment:

© 2006 by Janusz Jurzyk, wikimedia.org, licence: CC BY-SA 3.0

Photos AFTER reconstruction:

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