Perełka restaurant in Poznań. A climate like the 1990s.

Perełka is a restaurant that has recently opened in Poznań at 31 Ratajczaka St. Its interior is filled with a design reminiscent of the colourful late 1990s. The interior of the restaurant was designed by Anna Sarnowska.

The name itself is no accident. Perełka is intended to stand for something small but unique. The name used to be popular among restaurants in resorts. It is associated with carefree relaxation and free time. This is what a visit to Poznań’s Perełka is supposed to convey.

When I found the establishment with the yellow automatic doors, I knew this would be it! I am a fan of postmodernism, the Memphis Group style, I love colours and playing with form,” says Lidia Gąszewska, founder of Perełka.

Out of these interests began to emerge a vision of an establishment that would enjoy unobvious memories, reminiscent of buildings such as post office branches, offices, shopping arcades and chain restaurants from the 1990s in Poland. In the décor, it was important to combine quality and playful elements, which is why you will find both green quartzite on the floor and a cream marble counter, as well as feisty, colourful and square tiles with contrasting joints.

The interior of the restaurant was filled with second-hand items that the owner found at antique fairs and vintage shops. There are KFF chairs, Starck chairs, various pedestals and plexiglass sconces from the 1980s, all topped off with trinkets such as porcelain and glass.

A curiosity is the triangular canopies that have appeared above the doors. The canopies are yellow. The walls were painted in shades of pink and cobalt. The turquoise foxholes, on the other hand, were juxtaposed with plaster. The grey stretch ceiling makes you feel like you are in a visualisation here.

Someone once wrote that Perełka is the younger sister of the sacred Solpol building. I love this comparison,” adds Lidia Gąszewska.

What can you try here? The Perełka restaurant serves author’s cuisine based on Polish classics with local and seasonal products. The dessert hit is a puff in the shape of a swan, which brings smiles to guests’ faces. Perełka operates as a supper club, the perfect place for a date, dinner and wine with friends.

source: Perełka

photos: Sandra Gałka

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