Pho King restaurant. Raw interior and seating made from drinks crates

Its design is a response to the investors’ limited budget. The architects at SOA architekti designed the Pho King restaurant almost ascetically. In doing so, they kept the number of new materials to a minimum. In the foreground, they placed what is most important – the tasty dishes.

The Pho King restaurant is located in Poprad, Slovakia, in the ground floor of a building that once housed a Chinese buffet. Pho King is a restaurant with Vietnamese cuisine. Architect Štefan Šulek wanted to refer to the atmosphere of Asia and street food. Raw brick walls are an important design element. In the central area is the kitchen surrounded by a long counter. Here, visitors can watch as the dishes they order are made.

Inside, several eating areas have been created to meet the different needs of customers. There are both classic tables for a long sit-down with a small group, a large table for more friends or, finally, the aforementioned counter at the bar for a quick slip of pho soup. The kitchen counter itself is made of concrete cubes, which are more commonly associated with fences of detached houses.

The tables in the establishment were made from old beams – a nod to the secondary use of already available materials. The seats at the counter, on the other hand, are made from small plywood bases on which Coca-Cola crates have been placed. They have a simple atmosphere and are reminiscent of Vietnam pub decor. The whole is topped off with accessories such as paper lanterns.

Next to the kitchen, a backroom was designed and covered with a weatherboard. This gives the interior a sense of modernity and an industrial aesthetic.

design: Štefan Šulek – SOA architekti

photos: Matej Hakár,

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