Czy warto kupować płytki przez internet, czy lepiej w sklepach stacjonarnych? Poznaj zalety dobrych sklepów internetowych z wyposażeniem łazienki. Fot.

The complexities of buying tiles online? We clear them up in an interview with architect and expert Sylwia Sobotko

Shopping online or in-store?

Interview Team: Let’s start with a question about your shopping preferences – do you prefer to shop in a stationary mode or online? What are Poles’ preferences when it comes to buying something more expensive and delicate, such as ceramic tiles.

Sylwia Sobotko: I’m definitely a homebody and I like the convenience, so I personally go online more often when I’m shopping, sitting on the sofa. I think the rise in popularity of this form of shopping was influenced by the pandemic period when most of the commerce moved to the virtual world. We were somewhat forced to change our shopping habits and quickly had to get used to the new reality when we couldn’t buy tiles in stationary shops. Quite a few customers were apprehensive and could not imagine ordering tiles online in the same way they had previously ordered clothes or cosmetics. The start of lockdown coincided with the launch of the interiors portal and the shop and I cannot hide the fact that most customers were sceptical about the idea of buying tiles online. So far, online shops with such a range of products have not enjoyed a very good reputation. Low standards of customer service, long lead times, difficulties in delivery and ineffective damage complaints were very discouraging to customers.

Now, after almost 4 years of Domni, I can say that the perception of online shops of the bathroom industry has changed significantly and we have had a huge influence on this. The shopping process on the website is very intuitive and the experienced advisors are always there to provide technical knowledge and help with placing an order. Domni is part of the largest trade organisation in the bathroom industry, with its own Logiq warehouse and logistics centre, which is located in Koluszki near Lodz. The shop shows the actual stock of goods, so the customer is always confident that their order will be fulfilled. Tiles, ceramics and fittings, as well as other bathroom products available from stock, are dispatched within 48 working hours.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying tiles online. Is ordering tiles online a good idea?

Editor: It is clear from your words that buying and organising the transport of a commodity as delicate as tiles is more convenient to deal with online from home. However, are there any disadvantages to this solution? If so, how do you deal with them?

Sylwia Sobotko: The biggest disadvantage of buying tiles via the Internet is the confrontation of expectations with reality. We must remember that in the process of manufacturing ceramic tiles, different production batches are created. These batches may slightly differ from each other in shade, which is a natural process related to the firing of the ceramic mixture. Photographs and visualisations of tiles posted on websites by manufacturers are prepared on the basis of base designs, while the same colour of tiles may look different on a computer monitor, differently on a phone screen, and still differently live in artificial light in a bathroom showroom.

To make it easier to buy tiles, it’s a good idea to get patternbooksfirst – the Domni shop has 10×20 cm tile samples, grouped into practical themed packages. We can compare selected products, see them in different lighting and check how they combine with other materials in the interior. Both design studios and ordinary private customers like to use the sample packages.

Find out more about the benefits of samples and see how easy it is to buy tiles online.

How do you deal with damaged tiles?

Editor: As we mentioned in the interview, tiles are an inconvenient assortment to transport. After all, they are a bulky and at the same time fragile commodity. How do yousecure the tiles in transport? What should be done if, however, the goods arrive damaged?

Sylwia Sobotko: Tiles often have to travel a very long way before they reach the customer, which is why it is extremely important to secure them properly. Special machines are used to pack large-size consignments, and the goods are photographed several times before being released for transport. The tiles are shipped on pallets or half-pallets – when customers ask about the cost of shipping, they do not know how to transport the tiles properly and why even small parcels should be on pallets to minimise the risk of damage. Good customer service also means advising and dispelling doubts.

Ceramics are a special type of merchandise and, as we all know, things can happen during transport. Loosened straps, a sharp bend or ruts in an unpaved road are enough to crack tiles. This is why we always instruct our customers to inspect their packages upon delivery to check for visible, external damage. They have two working days to do this. If they notice that the tiles have not arrived in their entirety, a complaint process should be initiated. Domni claims are accepted by email – you will need a signed damage report, which the courier has with him, and photographs of the damaged tiles. Domni’s advisors are well prepared and understand how stressful the complaints process can be, so they are always ready to help and bring your order to a happy conclusion.

Broken tiles? No problem at all. Check out Domni’s complaints process using Kinga’s story as an example.

Buying tiles online – is it worth it? What should I pay attention to when shopping? How many tiles should I order?

Interview Team: What should a designer, architect or an average private individual pay attention to when deciding to buy such an assortment on the Internet?

Sylwia Sobotko: Before making a purchase, it is a good idea to check the reputation of the shop where you intend to buy, for example in Google reviews or on industry forums, in order to avoid potential problems. For many people, the most important incentive to buy a particular product is a suitably low price. However, we must bear in mind that this is not always the only and physical cost to the customer. Many shops use unfair practices and add additional amounts depending on the chosen payment method or do not inform about the actual delivery costs. Real availability of products and easy contact with customer service are also important. This sends a clear signal that, in the event of problems or complaints, we will not be left on our own.

In conclusion, is it worth buying tiles online? Of course, but from a reliable online shop!

At Domni, tile samples are available in practical themed packages: soft greys, marble-inspired, in a breath-like scale and love beige. Photo:

Editor: Thank you for your time and conversation.

Sylvia Sobotka: Thank you also. I hope I’ve managed to dispel at least some of your doubts and concerns about ordering bathroom ranges. See you at!

Sylwia Sobotko,
architect, portal

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