The courtyard on Ołbin in Wrocław will undergo a metamorphosis!

The courtyard in Ołbin in Wrocław will be renovated and modernised. The aim is to improve the functionality and aesthetics of the courtyard delineated by Jaracza, Wyszyńskiego and Orzeszkowa streets. Work to modernise the area has just started and will last until spring 2024.

The courtyard between Jaracza, Wyszyńskiego and Orzeszkowa Streets is approximately seven thousand square metres. Representatives of the Estate Council took part in consultations on the scope of the works. The investment is being carried out by Wrocławskie Mieszkania

“The courtyard also includes a shelter and a substantial retaining wall, which must be preserved. Their conservation and arrangement in the new space increase the cost of renovating the courtyard.” – Katarzyna Galewska, Wrocławskie Mieszkania

There are plans to rebuild the lighting, install an underground waste collection area. The existing greenery will be retained and there will be planting of grassed areas and low vegetation in addition to maintenance work. This part of the works will last until spring 2024. The City of Wrocław’s budget allocated PLN 5.7 million for the implementation of the tasks in the first and second stages of the courtyard renovation. This is not the end of the activities. The plans include the construction of a recreational zone (sports field and playground). However, this stage of work is possible as external funding is obtained

source, visualisations: UM Wrocław / www.wroclaw.pl , Wrocławskie Mieszkania / https://www.wm.wroc.pl