Willa Victoriusa

Villa Victorius in Grudziadz will be saved. The Visual Arts Secondary School will be located there

Villa Victorius is one of the most characteristic buildings in Grudziadz. It has recently undergone extensive renovation work, which will restore the picturesque monument to its lost splendour. The historical walls will be used to house the students of the High School of Arts in Grudziadz. Several teaching rooms are planned in the building, including a photographic studio, a room for drawing, exhibitions and sculpture. The work is taking place under the supervision of the Provincial Conservator of Monuments

The villa, adapted in this way, is to refer to the famous Pomeranian Wacław Szczeblewski School of Fine Arts, which in the interwar period educated the artistic elite of Grudziądz and the region

Photo: Grudziądz City Hall

Willa Victoriusa

Richard Victorius’ villa was entered in the register of monuments in 2019. It is located in the northern part of Grudziądz (formerly Graudenz), in the area of the Kwidzyn suburb, at 21-25 Armii Krajowej St. It was built in 1900 and originally the entire plot of land with the villa had an extensive garden. At the beginning of the 20th century, the property was purchased by Richard Victorius, owner of the Grudziadz enamel works Herzfeld & Victorius. In 1913, the villa was slightly reconstructed by adding a single-storey risalit with a terrace to the west façade. The representative rooms on the ground floor were also enlarged and the original divisions were removed. In 1928, the villa was purchased by the entrepreneur Samuel Halperin. He also carried out several alterations. During World War II, the villa became the property of the German Reich, and after the end of the war it belonged to the State Treasury. At that time it served as a police station. Currently, the building is the property of the municipality-city of Grudziadz

Victorius Villa now and after renovation. Photo: Grudziądz City Hall and Google Maps

Villa Victorius now and after renovation. Photo: Grudziadz City Hall and Google Maps

In his decision to enter the building in the register of monuments, the Provincial Conservator of Monuments pointed to the great historical value of the building due to its association with figures important to the history of Grudziądz. He considered the artistic value of the villa to be equally important, as it was given the features of the so-called ‘picturesque style’, which manifests itself in a varied, additional mass, dominated by a high four-storey tower. Also important in the massing are the high gabled roofs. Its gables have ornate carpentry decoration in the form of circles supported on projecting beam ends and cut-out ornamentation. The villa’s decoration incorporates neo-historic architectural detailing (window bands, and pediments). The interior decoration showing representative features (staircase, stucco ceilings, panelled elements) is also partially preserved

The renovation of the villa together with the development of the plot is part of a whole series of renovations of valuable historical buildings in Grudziadz, carried out by the city authorities

Source: Grudziądz City Council

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