Weekend Pizza in Poznań. It is a project by Samo Studio

Weekend Pizza is located at 82 Jana Henryka Dąbrowskiego Street in Poznań, at the level of Polna Street.The interior was designed by Łukasz Spychaj, who runs the Samo Studio design studio

Pizzeria Weekend Pizza in Poznań specialises in “Detroit” style thick-crust pizza. It is a Small premises designed with the intention of minimal interference with the interior. The space was divided at a height of 90cm resulting from the edge of the standard worktop height. The lower part is decorated with trapezoidal sheet metal and wall tile laid vertically, which flows seamlessly into the edge of the wooden worktops

The strongest element of the interior is the dark trapezoidal sheet metal wall with a central neon sign, which has been spatially linked to the orthogonal arrangement of ceiling lights. However, the whole is minimalist. The architecture here is a kind of background for what is most important – after all, the star of the place is the pizza!

The electrical installation is surface-mounted and wired in red. The whole is complemented by the design of the visual communication and the neon sign in front of the entrance, made by the oldest neon studio in Poznań, founded in 1957 and still run by Mr Heinze. It is details like these that create the unique atmosphere here

SAMO is an interdisciplinary design studio led by Łukasz Spychaj. It deals extensively with architecture, design, ecology and art. Łukasz Spychaj is a lecturer at the University of Arts in Poznań

source: lukaszspychaj.com


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