Catering equipment – what to bet on?

The success of a catering establishment depends on several factors. Once you have created a good menu, sourced quality food products and found a proven team of employees, it is still essential to take care of the equipment. Not only basic equipment, but also other helpful machines are of great importance.

Buying professional equipment is a big expense. However, it should be treated as an investment in the development of the business – it is, in a way, its pillar, because it has a huge impact on the quality of the dishes served, as well as the image of the establishment. We suggest what to bet on when choosing catering equipment!

Equipment for catering – a solid foundation

The basic equipment for catering establishments is heat treatment equipment. High-performance, functional convection ovens. In recent years, their more modern variants have become even more popular, namely combi steamers.

This type of equipment makes it possible not only to bake, but also to cook (steam), blanch, grill, fry or regenerate a variety of dishes. Thanks to special air circulation, it guarantees even processing and at the same time prevents the mixing of fragrances – you can bake fish and bread at the same time without any worries. At the same time, it considerably preserves the authentic aroma, appearance and taste of the products, reducing the amount of fat used and preventing the loss of valuable micronutrients, which makes the food much healthier.

Frequently chosen appliances include pizza ovens. Contrary to what you might think, they are not only suitable for pizzerias – nowadays many restaurants offer this Italian delicacy. They are also great for preparing other foods, such as bread, rolls, cakes or vegetable/pasta casseroles.

Additional equipment for catering – a practical addition

When planning the purchase of catering equipment, it is worth taking the opportunity to consider what other equipment might be useful. Equipment is not only useful in the kitchen, but also in the back room and even in the hall.

In the case of restaurants, a practical addition will be an industrial manglewhich makes ironing tablecloths and napkins much easier. If you have the opportunity, it is a good idea to create a whole mini laundry of your own, as this is convenient and economical.

Striking models of professional equipment are also an interesting option, such as retro coffee machines. In a stylish café, such equipment wonderfully complements the décor, creates a unique atmosphere and encourages intrigued customers to place an order.

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