It is probably the smallest in Poland. Railway station in Żelistrzewo open for passengers

It is tiny. The Żelistrzew station actually consists mainly of a shelter and is not a building where passengers could take shelter from the rain or cold. Where did the idea for this form come from? Check it out!

The station in Żelistrzew was built as part of the Innovative System Railway Station network. The railwaymen use the term to describe modern station buildings which are compact in size, have glass walls and use environmentally friendly solutions. Previously, they functioned as buildings with doors that offered protection from the rain or cold. In Zelistrzew, however, a… shelter was built.

The station is located on the railway line serving the Hel Peninsula.

It is a modern, single-storey building adapted in size to the current demand of travellers. Passengers can use an external, sheltered shelter, which will include places to wait for the train. Electronic boards provide information about the arrivals and departures of trains. There isalso a toilet in the building,” informs PKP S.A. in a release.

To make the facility easier to use, architectural barriers have been removed, tactile paths for the blind and visually impaired and tactile maps have been installed. There is a toilet right next to the shelter, which has also been adapted for people with disabilities.

Parking spaces for cars have been designated in front of the station. Bicycle racks and a post with a repair station for single-track bicycles are located next to the canopy. The site has received new bins and benches.

The station in Żelistrzewo is one of the facilities included in a wider project to modernise and build stations on the railway line serving the Hel Peninsula. Thanks to this project, passengers travelling on the route from Gdynia to Hel will soon be able to use several modern, safe and comfortable stations, such as the new Żelistrzewo station which has just been opened and the Kuźnica and Hel stations which have recently been modernised and made available to travellers,” says Ireneusz Maślany, member of the PKP S.A. Management Board.

The total cost of the station’s construction was PLN 4.5 million gross. The investment was carried out under the design and build formula. The investor is Polskie Koleje Państwowe S.A. (Polish State Railways). A consortium of Heli Factor Sp. z o.o. and MERX Sp. z o.o. was responsible for the investment.

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source: PKP S.A.

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