PKP Intercity is buying 300 carriages. They will be manufactured in Poland

The railwaymen have announced the award of the tender. PKP Intercity will be enriched by 300 new carriages, which will be built at the H. Cegielski factory – Fabryka Pojazdów Szynowych in Poznań. Regulations allow the railwaymen to increase the order by 150 additional carriages.

The tender for the purchase of the new carriages was announced in 2022. Thanks to them, travellers are to experience a new quality of travel. The carriages are distinguished by their modern design. In the published visualisations, the carriages are aesthetically reminiscent of Pendolino trainsets. In this way, the entire fleet can be given a uniform appearance. A total of 300 new carriages will cost PLN 4,238,580,000.00 gross.

We have just awarded the largest tender in the company’s history in terms of the number of vehicles. Thanks to the realisation of this order, in 2028 we will have a minimum of 300 carriages of various types, designed in a new design, which will allow us to offer passengers a new standard of travel and encourage even more people to use long-distance travel,” says Jarosław Oniszczuk, member of the board of PKP Intercity.

The tender will involve the purchase of carriages of various types. After the completion of the deliveries, in the basic option, PKP Intercity’s rolling stock will be richer with:

– 38 1st class compartment coaches with a separate compartmentless section;

– 40 2nd class compartment coaches;

– 80 2nd class compartmentless carriages;

– 38 2nd class compartment wagons with seating for people with disabilities;

– 40 2nd class coaches with berths for bicycles;

– 38 dining cars;

– 26 day-night carriages to ensure comfortable journeys at night.

If the right of option is exercised, which will extend the order to a total of 450 wagons, each of the above-mentioned categories of rolling stock will be expanded by additional units, from 13 to 40 units. The new wagons will accelerate to 200 km/h.

We want these 300 modern carriages to be used to operate trains running in the medium category – one of the three new categories of services that PKP Intercity plans to launch by 2030. The medium category trains will connect major agglomerations, stopping in smaller centres, as well as running abroad, explains Tomasz Gontarz, vice-president of the PKP Intercity board.

The carriages will be homologated for the railway networks of the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Lithuania. Once homologated, the new units will ultimately be able to serve the following routes: Warsaw-Poznań-Berlin, Warsaw-Poznań-Szczecin, Warsaw-Katowice-Bohumin, Przemyśl-Karkow-Katowice-Wrocław-Berlin, Przemyśl-Karkow-Katowice-Wrocław-Szczecin, Gdynia-Poznań-Wrocław-Prague or Krakow/Wrocław-Bohumin.

The carriages purchased in this tender will introduce new standards and set innovative directions for the design of rolling stock in Poland, as they have been designed in accordance with a new approach to design. The innovative approach concerns both visual and technical issues. The prepared design of the new vehicles is a package of stylistic and functional solutions which will become a repetitive, intuitive and characteristic standard of PKP Intercity. The new carriages will introduce a new quality in terms of the materials used and a new colour scheme. The trains will have cosier and more comfortable interiors with atmospheric lighting. They will also be equipped with amenities that are already becoming standard on PKP Intercity trains. Passengers will benefit, among other things, from WiFi, a system of individual lighting, electrical sockets and USB.

A comfortable journey will also be ensured by air conditioning and a passenger information system displayed on light boards. In the interests of passenger safety, a fire detection system covering the entire carriages and video surveillance have been installed. The new design also includes new interior configuration solutions. Carriages of both classes will gain additional space for luggage, located under the seats, which will be more comfortable. An innovative solution will be a space dedicated to parents travelling with children, which will connect the passenger area with a safe play area, allowing for comfortable travel with toddlers. First class seats will gain a new and consistent standard that will include compartmented and compartmentless carriages, and inside, in addition to the standard amenities, there will be innovations such as induction chargers. The restaurant carriages will also change, gaining a more intimate and atmospheric interior.

source: PKP Intercity

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