Ulica Jana III Sobieskiego w Warszawie w 2019 r., fot. Adrian Grycuk, wikimedia.org, licencja: CC BY-SA 3.0 pl

Warsaw: old footbridges demolished. Instead of them classic pedestrian crossings

The footbridges on Sobieskiego Street were built in the 1970s. Their appearance was the result of the mentality of those years, where vehicular traffic took precedence in the developing capital. Hence, there are still many subways and footbridges in the city today. This is now changing

Budimex, which is carrying out the project to build a tramway to Wilanów, has demolished the footbridges that were located over Sobieskiego Street. These structures interfered with the planned route. In the place of the footbridges, temporary pedestrian crossings were created in the classic, above-ground version. Once completed, these crossings will be improved and will allow access to tram stops along the route

It was originally intended that the footbridges would not be demolished until 2024, but they were demolished this year. The first two of the four footbridges were demolished over the weekend of 12-13 August. Temporary pedestrian crossings at carriageway level were marked out right next to them

The removal of the footbridges, however, does not please everyone. The temporary crossings created mean that drivers will have to stop vehicles more often to let pedestrians and cyclists pass. For pedestrians, however, this is a big improvement

Jana III Sobieskiego Street in Warsaw in 2019, photo by Adrian Grycuk, wikimedia.org, licence: CC BY-SA 3.0 en

Crossing the street takes almost half the time compared to covering this distance assuming the use of a footbridge. The time is further increased if the person uses the lift located next to the footbridge. These are the conclusions of a study conducted in 2016 by Anna Studniach, Eng, of the Gdansk University of Technology. However, anyone who has ever used the footbridge will come to similar conclusions

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source: Budimex(budimex.pl)

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