Łódź: Witcher Square and Paris Commune Square almost ready!

Witcher Square and Paris Commune Square are currently undergoing a major redevelopment. After the renovation, the neighbouring green enclaves will be more functional, even greener and provide new attractions for residents and tourists. We are looking at the changes!

– Work on Paris Commune Square is already in the final straight. The last few days have seen the completion of, among other things, the laying of new paving and the planting of shrubs. A water connection for watering the green areas has also been made,” says Olga Kassyanska, Municipal Investment Board.

In the coming days, work will continue on paving the pavement and roadway. In addition, the contractor will be carrying out finishing work on the landscaping elements.

Witcher Square – what will change?

The southern part of Komuny Paryskiej Square will be a green enclave in the centre of Łódź, providing an opportunity to rest, play and relax in contact with nature. There will be plenty of places to sit and relax. The place will be easily accessible for people with disabilities. The square will also include a playground. Residents of Łódź and fans of The Witcher visiting our city can expect elements alluding to the motifs of the novel in this place. The square also features three small pavilions, which will include a small refreshment facility and a public toilet. The area will be illuminated and there will also be additional tree lighting and illumination of the pavilions. The project is scheduled for completion in April.

The project entitled ‘Area Revitalisation of the City Centre of Łódź – Project 5’ is being implemented under grant agreement no. UDA-RPLD.06.03.01-10-0001/17-00 concluded on 9 August 2017. The project is implemented as part of Integrated Territorial Investments. The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Regional Operational Programme of the Łódź Province for 2014-2020.

Łódź is getting more beautiful by the day. Not a week goes by in which we do not describe more positive changes in the city. Below are a few examples from recent weeks:

source: UM Łódź / www.lodz.pl

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